Many Moons Kids’ Clothing Rental: For $5 a Month, I Rented The Simple Folk, FUB, and Other High-End Kids’ Clothing Pieces.

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Kids grow awfully quick, and clothing for kids takes up so much money and drawer space.

But I love kids’ clothing, especially all the niche, boutique, and designer labels. There’s always some new version of whimsical perfection pulling at my heart strings.

The hair band around the neck was my daughter’s style choice and not part of the rented dress.

Many Moons, formerly known as Borobabi, is the solution. Rent high-end organic, slow-fashion brands for babies and kids up through size 7y.

Rent as many (or few) items as you like each month. Rental starts at around $4 per piece per garment. And you can choose garment condition: pre-loved or brand new.

An Affordable Way to Maximize Variety and Style

I love this. I love variety in my kids’ wardrobe, with lots of style options. Like rustic Puritan (milkmaid cuts and colors, IYKYK), SoCal minimalist, or quirky and colorful Mini Rodini and Nadadelazos.

But those labels are hella expensive, and run counter to my mindful consumption goals.

Over the past year, I’ve tried to focus on consuming with careful precision. Buying fewer pieces that are ultra-versatile, high-quality, and made of sustainable materials (textiles that are endlessly recyclable or fully compostable).

But keeping to a strict capsule wardrobe of inter-matching pieces, for a 4 year old who loves color and sparkle, just isn’t fun. It feels like I’m on a fashion diet I’ve been guilted into, and fasting forever ain’t gonna work.

So I decided to explore children’s clothing rental.

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Borobabi: Many Moons Children’s Clothing Rental

With my love of children’s fashion at odds with my love for planet, children’s rental, I’ve opined, may be the solution.

1. Cheaply rent a variety of stylish items each month or each season, and change it up as often as I want.

I discovered Borobabi from a Google Search. It’s now called Many Moons, but there’s more searchable info for its former name.

I have found a handful of other clothing rental options, too, but so far Borobabi has best met my criteria.

2. Flexible pricing. I don’t want to pay $xxx every month for a set number of garments. I want to pick out and pay for what I need, whether it’s one vest or 20 jumpsuits.

3. No worries about stains. (Or about re-sale value: the art of consigning your kids’ used name brand clothes on resell apps and Buy Sell Trade Groups.) The rental service should understand stains happen with kids and be able to launder through.

4. Wide selection of luxury and high-end organic brands for everyday wear. Burt’s Bees, for example, is an organic brand I can readily and affordably acquire new from a number of retailers or secondhand at Once Upon A Child stores. I want options for the spendy yet irresistibly adorable labels. The ones with dresses that cost $168 new or $90 in EUC in a resale group. Brands like Bobo Choses, Oeuf, Fin and Vince, The Middle Daughter, and Misha and Puff.

5. Rental window of at least 2 weeks. I’m not interested in renting sequin flounce dresses and wool 3-piece suits for 1-time events. I want my kids to be able to wear the garments on the daily, and for at least a couple of wears.

6. Ability to style myself. I want to pick what I get, and not get a box full of a stylist’s choices. Or if I can’t pick the clothes, I want to least be able to pick the brands. (There also is an option for Borobabi to style your child with 7 picks each month that you can buy, rent, or return.)

Your order comes in a garment bag zip-tied shut with a return sticker for when you’re ready to send back the clothes.

Many Moons, formerly named Borobabi, delivers.

I recently rented 9 items for 1 month for my 4-year old daughter and 2 year-old son.

With rental fees, tax, and shipping (both ways), I paid just over $67.

What is Many Moons?

Many Moons is a women-owned start-up that launched nearly 3 years ago. The company launched as Borobabi before changing names. Many Moons sells and rents new and pre-loved children’s fashions from a curated selection of ultra-high-quality, ethically-produced brands.

Describing their company as the first ever fully circular apparel retailer, Many Moons offers parents an opportunity to save money and save the planet.

Parents can acquire stylish clothing for their children, and then keep the garments until the end of the season or their child has outgrown them. Then, Many Moons offers an easy way to trade them in for the next size or season’s wardrobe needs.

  1. Parents can buy garments pre-loved or brand new. Parents will get a 20% credit for selling new clothes back to Many Moons once their kids have outgrown them. Or,
  2. Parents can rent garments in pre-loved or brand-new condition. It’s cheaper to rent items pre-loved. Garments are rented by the month.

This system means less clothing in circulation overall and maximal wear of garments before they reach their end-of-life. It can also be a more affordable alternative for parents who are constantly up-sizing.

There are actual store locations in San Fransciso, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

What I Rented from Many Moons

I rented 9 items from Many Moons.

For my 2-year old son, I rented a flannel button down, a tee, and 2 pairs of pants.

The brands were:

  • BonMot: baggy toucan pants, green cord trousers
  • The New Society: button-down shirt
  • PiuPiuChick: T-Shirt

For my 4-year-old daughter, I rented 2 dresses, 1 cardigan, 1 short sleeve knit shirt, and 1 pair of jeans.

The brands I rented for my daughter were:

  • The New Society: jeans
  • FUB: lavender dress, cardigan, short-sleeve knit shirt
  • Bebe Organic: Paloma striped knit dress

How Renting from Many Moons Works

The process to rent was pretty simple. No style quizzes or surveys to find out my kids’ favorite animals or how often we vacation on the beach.

1. Select the option to “Rent” (you can also buy garments).

2. Select Baby or Kids.

3. Look through the available listings. You can filter by size, gender, or designer.

4. Add your rental or purchase selections to the cart. Provide your billing and shipping address.

5. Check out with a debit or credit card.

That’s it. There are additional filters on the product listing page. Like you can select if you want to rent a pre-loved garment or brand new one.

I went through all available items in all sizes, and it took 10 minutes to skim through.

The checkout process didn’t really take any longer than it does for a regular retail purchase online. But there are additional terms to agree to (ie You have to pay to replace a rental garment if you don’t return it.)

What sizes does Many Moons carry?

Many Moons carries sizes NB to 18-24M for babies and sizes 1-2Y to 6-7Y for kids.

Many Moons also carries some women’s sizes for matching Mommy and Me looks. The adult size range is limited, with sizes Small to Large offered for blouses and dresses that coordinate with matching kids’ and babies’ styles.

What brands does Many Moons carry?

Many Moons carries a curated selection of premium labels, selected for their quality, sustainable materials (ie organic cotton, wool, and linen fabrics, low-impact dyes).

Many Moons brands include:

  • Gray Label
  • BonMot
  • FUB
  • The Simple Folk (About the brand Simple Folk)
  • The New Society
  • Bebe Organic
  • Winter Water Factory (About the made-in-Brooklyn, New York Winter Water Factory brand)
  • PiuPiuChick
  • Buho
  • Kid Wild
  • Petits Vilains
  • Sproet & Sprout
  • Mori (About the brand Baby Mori)
  • LiiLu
  • Monkind
  • Nature Baby
  • My Little Cozmo
  • Sleepy Doe

What other products and services does Many Moons offer?

In addition to their monthly a la carte children’s clothing rental, Many Moons offers other ways to shop the brand.

  • Shop new
  • Shop pre-loved
  • Mommy & Me rentals
  • Bundle (get a monthly 7-item bundle curated for you by Many Moons stylists. Choose what you buy, rent, or return. Pay a $1 style fee.)

Is Many Moons worth it?

For me, yes. But maybe not on an every month sort of basis. Many Moons has pros and cons.


  • Incredible flexibility. Rent as little or as much as you want. Handpick the garments you want to rent, or pay $1 for a stylist to send you a curated mix that you can rent or buy.
  • A greener way. Garments are made of eco-friendly materials and they are well cared for and well worn. Most garments in the US are worn only 7x before being discarded. I don’t have to feel guilty about my kids not getting enough wear out of a given item.
  • Affordability. For around $70 a month, my kids can always have cute new and stylish digs to wear.
  • Brand discovery. While very well-versed in kids’ brands, Many Moons has a number of labels in its line-up that I had never tried before like The New Society and PiuPiuChick.
  • Manageable variety. Many Moons offers the variety of styles and garment choices I crave, but I don’t have to buy dozens of new pieces. Which means I don’t have to worry about storing, cleaning, and consigning dozens more garments each month.
  • Long rental times. Garments are priced for monthly rental, and you can extend your rental time for a whole season or longer.
  • No worries about stains. (Or a garment no longer in EUC.) I mean obviously, I would launder something I kept for a few months if we wore it multiple times. But Many Moons will professionally launder and mend all garments they get back. Garment destruction, over time, is built into the cost model.


  • Limited brand selection. Many Moons has a good assortment of premium labels, but I wish there were more in the lineup. I wish they had more brands – ones that I love and ones I want to know better: Millk, Rylee + Cru, Pink Chicken, The Middle Daughter, The Sunday Collective, Appaman, Oscar de la Renta, Bobo Choses, Soor Ploom, Go Gently Nation, and Tutu du Monde just to name a few.
  • Short on funk. Most of the garments have a retro yet modern Anne of Green Gables vibe. The color palette is largely earth-toned. I dig this vibe. But I also love color, quirky designs, and funky prints. Many Moons is short on funk.
  • No outerwear options. I’d love to be able to rent winter jackets, snow pants, and snowsuits but they aren’t available.
  • No formalwear options. There are dresses and outfits you could wear to a garden party or bohemian sort of wedding. But they don’t have anything sparkly or poofy for rental, or suits or tuxes.
  • Popular styles can be out of circulation for months. The average family rents garments for 3 months or an entire season. Popular styles go first. If you want month-to-month variety, your choices could be more limited.

>>> You can save $5 off your first order of $10 or more with the Many Moons coupon code for House of Henmar. The Many Moons coupon code is ref9195576

Many Moons is Best for

Many Moons seems ultimately built for parents who value stylish sustainability and want to rent rather than buy the bulk of their children’s wardrobe. It’s designed for parents who want everyday garments their kids can wear multiple times over a month or an entire season.

Many Moons is also a good choice for parents who want to add more variety to their children’s wardrobe without buying more clothes, or for those who want to test new brands in a low-commitment sort of way.

While I wouldn’t switch to Many Moons as the exclusive or primary source of my children’s clothes, it’s an affordable, eco-friendly way to add variety. I hope they keep adding more brands.

If you’ve ever dreamt of being able to check out swoon-worthy kids’ clothing, library book style, Many Moons is the closest you’ll come.

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