20 Major Brands that Still Make Goods in the USA

When researching an article about clothing brands that are made in the USA, I came across a number of large retailers (like GAP and Levi’s) that purposefully manufacture some goods in the USA. 

Some of these brands have always kept at least partial production in the USA, and others have re-introduced it to meet consumer demands.

While it’s a narrower range of goods, motivated shoppers can still shop USA made goods from their favorite brands. Some retailers may only stock 1-2 items made in the USA among their thousands of SKUs. Others may sell a small, curated selection like New Balance. (A dozen or so NB sneakers are manufactured in the US.)

If you’re interested in shopping made in USA to support local businesses, you don’t have to search for niche labels. You can hit up the mall if you know what you’re after.

Often, USA-made versions are double to triple the cost of similar products made abroad. But they are generally cheaper than made-in-USA products sold in upscale boutiques.

1 | Madewell 

Madewell sells over 250 items (apparel and accessory) made in the USA. Search “Made in the USA” on the Madewell website. American-made garments including tees, sweatshirts, jeans, vests, pants, shorts, hats, swimsuits, upcycled denim, upcycled quilted jackets and vest, and curated home and gift items. Many items are non-Madewell brand but sold in Madewell stores and online. Shop Madewell.


2 | Alice & Ames

While not a major national retailer, Alice & Ames has a large presence in the children’s clothing world. Especially with girls’ dresses and rompers. I thought Alice & Ames deserved a callout because in the past couple of years the retailer has outsourced and then insourced most of its garment production. More garments are produced in the USA than abroad, including this super adorable Herbal Study print dress.

I appreciate the brand’s transparency. The country of origin is always clearly listed (whereas some brands withhold or just mark “Imported”). Save $15 off purchase of $50+ with referral link. A unique promo code for Alice and Ames will be generated.

3 | Carhartt 

Carhartt has a small selection of Made In The USA Gear. It includes their loose-fit duck jackets, wool blend socks, and utility work pants. Shop Carhartt.

4 | REI 

REI sells nearly 4,000 products made in the USA. Items include outdoor survival gear, camping equipment, apparel, packs, bags, and other sporting goods. Search “Made in USA” on the REI website. From there, you can narrow it down by category. When it comes to apparel, there are over 300 women’s clothing items made in the USA and over 240 for men. Made in the USA brands include the REI Co-op brand, Parks Project, Beyond Yoga, Icebreaker, Danner, Chaco, Kamik, KEEN, and Smartwool. Shop REI.

5 | GAP 

Gap sells a limited collection of denim jeans made in the US. The selection is largely online, but there a couple of Made in USA 1969 Gap jeans sold in stores. When searching “Made in USA” on the website, please note that it will return results for imported garments. Make sure to read the product details. Shop GAP Made in USA.

6 | J. Crew

J. Crew has a curated collection of long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees made in the USA. Search “made in USA” on their website. Shop J. Crew.

7 | Levi’s 

Levi’s manufactures some denim jeans in the United States, including the 501 Original Fit Men’s Jeans

8 | ModCloth 

Urban DIY-ers and retro-lovers, rejoice! ModCloth stocks plenty of goods made in the USA. Search “Made in USA” on the site. Offerings include jewelry, tees, tops, shorts, leather boots, and jeans. Shop ModCloth

9 | Maisonette

Maisonette is one of my favorite online children’s boutiques. It curates hundreds of unique brands for kids that you won’t find at your local shopping mall. The clothing, toys, and furniture are whimsical and ultra-stylish. Whenever possible (when the brand provides the data), Maisonette lists the country of origin.

Right now, Maisonette curates over 1,100 items made in the USA. These goods include clothing, accessories, dolls, toys, and dress-up clothes. Some of these featured brands include Miles and Milan (one of Oprah’s favorites), Klee Naturals, and Tenth and Pine

10 | Made Trade

Made Trade is the ultimate ethical and sustainable online marketplace. The website curates beautiful, fairly made clothing and home goods from around the globe. You can shop by values important to you, like BIPOC owned or made in USA. Shop Made Trade.

11 | The Company Store 

The Company Store sells indulgent bath and home goods like ultra-plush robes, comforters, and percale sheets. While everything is spa-quality, the prices are affordable. You can find bed linen starting under $20. It’s a bit like a Scandinavian themed Bed, Bath, & Beyond, minus the cookware and kitchen goods.

If you search “Made in USA”, you’ll find a few dozen products made in the USA like this LaCrosse Down Comforter.  Make sure to double check the product specs though; occasionally a different country of origin is listed. Shop The Company Store.

12 | Urban Outfitters (UO) 

Urban Outfitters sells nearly 200 garments and home good items made in the USA, including Levi 501 jeans, balloon pants, parkas, and vintage apparel. Shop Urban Outfitters.

13 | Woolrich

Woolrich has shifted almost all of its production overseas, but a number of its flannel shirts are still made in America. Just search “made in USA” on the Woolrich website; you’ll find a few dozen items. In addition to flannel shirts, many wool blankets, overshirts, button-down shirts, and socks are still made in the US. Shop Woolrich.

14 | WoolX 

WoolX has shifted almost all of its production overseas, but they have a collection of merino wool socks that are still manufactured in the US. Shop WoolX.

15 | Smartwool 

Smartwool manufactures its socks in the USA, but no other products. (On the website, they tout the USA-made socks and don’t talk about other countries of origin.) Shop Smartwool.

16 | The North Face 

The North Face sells beanies made in the USA. From time to time, there may be other USA-made products available. Shop The North Face.

17 | Brooks Brothers

Although most of Brooks Brothers’ clothing is not American-made, there is a selection of made in USA garments on the retailer’s website. Their dress shirts, for example, are all made in North Carolina. Shop Brooks Brothers.

18 | Frye Boots

While much of Frye Boots’ production shifted overseas 20 years ago, you can still shop Frye leather boots manufactured in the United States. Frye has a select Made in USA Collection you can shop. The women’s made in USA collection has nearly 20 styles and the men’s USA collection offers another half dozen pairs. Shop Frye Boots.

19 | New Balance

New Balance has shifted almost all of its production abroad but does manufacture some shoes and casualwear in the USA. 15 styles of shoes are made in the US ranging in price from $185 to $200. Shop New Balance.

20 | Pendleton 

The iconic, Oregon-based wool company has shifted much of its production abroad. But some throw and comforter size blankets are still manufactured in the USA. Search made in the USA on the Pendleton website

21 | Uncommon Goods 

Uncommon Goods is a bit like Etsy meets Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe. Everything is a feast for the eyes, and I love checking out their wares when I’m looking to spruce up a room at home or gift-giving season comes round. 

The retailer curates uncommonly fun goods from large brands and independent sellers alike. And if you search “made in USA”, you can find hundreds of goods made right here in the US like this pushpin map. Make sure to double check all product specs. Scroll down the details page and look for the red flag icon where you can find USA listed as the country of origin.

22 | Duluth Trading Co. 

Duluth Trading Co. is known for being a premier outerwear brand with hipster vibes. But they’re more than just camping and hiking gear. Duluth Trading Co. sells everything you need, for any kind of crafting or DIY work. While most goods are imported, Duluth Trading has a selection of over 200 Made in the USA products, including wool socks, leather belts, beanies, gaiters, and pima tees.

Bottom Line

If you’re interested in buying a pair of blue jeans and sneakers that are made in the USA, you still can. But keep in mind that you may be paying $200 for American made instead of $60 for the same item manufactured abroad. It really depends on what you value.

Personally, my closets at home are lined with goods from all around the world. But I also make a deliberate effort to shop local, too.

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