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Photos from Oeuf Instagram page. We have that patchwork sweater and mail carrier shorts!

Oeuf NYC is a New York-based company that specializes in eco-friendly design for families and kids. The brand manufactures furniture and clothing for babies and kids that is clever, fashionable, and timeless. Oeuf NYC uses vibrant, playful design with a timeless yet modern feel. The bright, organic clothing is sheer retro whimsy.

Oeuf NYC apparel and accessories are all fair-trade, sustainably manufactured in Bolivia. Oeuf NYC emphasizes high-quality items and a commitment to aesthetic beauty and social and environmental stewardship. 

The French roots of French-American designers, Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan, shine through. Although the designers cite their kids as their major inspiration. 

What is Oeuf NYC?

Oeuf NYC is a high-quality children’s clothing label. The design aesthetic is sophisticated playfulness. Bright colors and retro yet modern patterns juxtaposed with more timeless classic prints. 

Although brand founders Sophia and Michael are fashion designers, they launched Oeuf NYC as a furniture line. When setting up their then 2-year-old’s bedroom, they didn’t find anything on the market they liked. They began experimenting in their Brooklyn workshop, and a brand was born. 

Baby and children’s apparel was introduced later. Being a furniture-first brand gives Oeuf a unique twist. 

Lifestyle images of Oeuf clothing, Oeuf crowns, and Oeuf furniture. @oeufnyc on Instagram

What is the Oeuf meaning?

Oeuf is the French word for egg. The brand encourages little ones to be a good egg. The brand name reflects the French roots of the brand’s founders. 

Is Oeuf NYC a good brand?

Oeuf is an exceptional brand for style and quality. Based in Brooklyn, New York,Oeuf is a sustainable, family-run, children’s lifestyle brand. Oeuf believes that children deserve exceptional design and a better world.

For the past twenty years, Oeuf has combined playful modernism with ethical production. Oeuf is all about what 21st century kids and families need. Designs are timeless yet fashion-forward. Oeuf is all about styles for today’s children with yesteryear appeal. Designs that will be loved, stylish, and relevant for generations to come. 

Quality-wise, Oeuf apparel stands the test of time. All of their clothing is meant to be loved, hard, and then handed down. Everything ties back to their motto for the founders’ family and for the Oeuf brand: “Be Good.” 

 What does Oeuf NYC sell?

Oeuf sells stylish and sustainably made furniture and apparel for babies and children. Among Oeuf’s most popular items on their website: 

  • Cribs and conversion kits (we have an Oeuf Rhea crib and toddler conversion kit that we love at Henmar’s house) 
  • Beds (toddler, twin, full, bunk) 
  • Mattresses 
  • Changing pads 
  • Dresser changing table toppers 
  • Dressers 
  • Toy storage
  • Bookshelves 
  • Pillows 
  • Toys
  • Rugs 
  • Onesies
  • Knit hoodies
  • Rompers and jumpers
  • Sweaters
  • Clothing sets (2-piece) 
  • Casual knit tops and bottoms 
  • Blouses
  • Shorts
  • Bloomers 
  • Leggings
  • Dresses 
  • Bonnets 
  • Kerchiefs
  • Crowns 

What sizes does Oeuf NYC carry?

Oeuf carries a full range of sizes for babies and children. 

  • Baby: 0/6 months to 18/24 months 
  • Children: 1/2Y to 6/7Y  

Oeuf clothing runs true to size, but the label recommends sizing up if your child is in-between two sizes. 

Here is the Oeuf size chart (that takes some digging to find on the Oeuf website): 


4/5Yup to 41″23″21.5″23″20-21″
6/7Yup to 46″24.5″23″25″20-21″
8/9Yup to 50″26.5″23.5″28″n/a


4/5Yup to 10458555848-51
6/7Yup to 11662586451-53
8/9Yup to 128676071n/a
Oeuf sizing. As you can see with the size chart, Oeuf runs true to size.

What makes Oeuf NYC unique?

Oeuf NYC’s stylish design and superior quality make the brand truly unique. It cannot be overstated how stunning Oeuf furniture and garments are – both in online images and in real life. 

Everything Oeuf makes is a visual feast for the eyes. And it’s exceptionally sturdy too. Both of my kiddos have played hard in their Oeuf Rhea crib and Oeuf clothing, and everything still looks show-stoppingly fantastic. (Even if the crib does have teething marks along the upper rail. Ugh. Which is just another reason why you want to get a high-quality, sustainably sourced crib: Little teeth will chew it.) 

Why is Oeuf NYC so popular? 

Oeuf NYC is popular among moms because of its superior quality and beautiful design aesthetic. 

Oeuf nursery furniture is sophisticated minimalism: clean modern lines in walnut, birch, and white. It’s furniture that looks stunning in any nursery room, but it can grow up alongside your child. The furniture design works for children and adults, too. 

Oeuf apparel is exquisite. While it feels like all fashion is derivative, Oeuf is one of those special labels that truly stand out. When I see an Oeuf ruffle collared top or Oeuf knit shorties, I can instantly tell that it’s by Oeuf. 

Oeuf knits and textiles are soft, supple, and smooth, never itchy or rough. Little ones love wearing Oeuf’s unique colors and patterns that are bold and bright without being juvenile. 

Also, Oeuf clothing photographs exceptionally well. The vibrant colors and varying textures translate well into family photos and IG selfies. 

Is Oeuf NYC organic?

Oeuf NYC uses sustainably and ethically sourced materials for every item it produces, including organic fabrics whenever possible. 

Here’s a breakdown of the materials that Oeuf NYC uses and how they are sourced. 

  • Sustainable wood: All Oeuf furniture is produced in an environmentally friendly FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) facility in Latvia. 
  • 100% Baby alpaca wool: Oeuf uses alpaca wool it is naturally hypoallergenic and offers soft, long-lasting warmth. Also, alpacas have low environmental impact unlike other wool producing animals that over-graze.  Additionally, Oeuf only works with farmers who treat their animals humanely.
  •  100% Organic Pima cotton: Oeuf uses Pima cotton because its extra-long and extra-strong fibers make it the ‘silk of cotton’. All of Oeuf’s cotton is 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic certified. The GOTS certification means that the cotton meets ecological and social criteria. This means the cotton was grown, harvested, and processed ethically for the earth and farmers. 
  • 100% linen: Oeuf uses linen for its low environmental impact. Linen is breathable, durable, and the fabric gets softer with every wash. Linen is made from the water-conserving flax plant, and the fabric is naturally antibacterial and biodegradable. 

Is Oeuf NYC furniture good quality?

Oeuf River Twin Bed in White and Birch. Featured on

Oeuf NYC furniture quality is excellent. It’s all about modern furniture for the modern lifestyle. Every piece of furniture is crafted with baby and children’s safety at the forefront. Many adults without kids have Oeuf furniture in their own houses and apartments. The clean lines and colors can blend in with most any design aesthetic. 

All furniture products are ethically produced with high-equality, eco-friendly wood and materials. 

Where can I buy an Oeuf NYC crown?

Oeuf crowns are sheer joy. They sell for around $35 to $45 on the Oeuf website. 

Playful and oh-so-soft, they’re the perfect touch for birthday parties, pretend play, or giving kudos to your “little helper”. (Yes, there’s a “little helper” crown you can buy.)

Oeuf crowns come in two sizes: 

  • 0/3Y 
  • 3/6Y 

Most crowns are made of soft alpaca wool, but there are a few linen options too. 

Embroidered Oeuf NYC Crown 

You can order an embroidered Oeuf crown all year-round. But if you’re looking to get a bespoke crown with your child’s name on it, you may have to wait until the holidays. It can take an additional 5 to 8 business days for order fulfillment. 

You always have the option to purchase a plain crown and get it embroidered. There are a number of Etsy sellers who offer this service. 

Also, with every Oeuf season there are playful pre-embroidered options that you can choose from. Here are some examples from this season’s collection:

  • Wild Child
  • Lucky
  • little helper 
  • 1 year!!
  • 2 years!!
  • 3 years!!
  • 4 years!!
  • 5 years!!
  • 6 years!! 
  • HAPPY (non-embroidered) 
  • FEMINIST (non-embroidered) 
  • GRL PWR (non-embroidered) 

When is there an Oeuf NYC sale? How can I save money on Oeuf NYC?

You can find an Oeuf NYC sale section on the Oeuf website in the top navigation bar. Typically these are past-season items. 

Oeuf also offers sales periodically throughout the year, like Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. 

Buying end-of-season clearance is the best way to save money on Oeuf NYC. You can save 60% or more off past season merchandise. Often, you don’t have to wait until the season is over. For example, I bought summer clearance garments for Henry and Margot at the end of June – with 3 months of summer still before us. 

Finally, there is a secret outlet popup that you can shop a handful of times a year. This is for returning customers (newsletter subscribers) to get first dibs on fresh clearance markdowns.


Who are the Oeuf NYC stockists? What retailers sell Oeuf NYC?

You can shop Oeuf NYC directly on the Oeuf website or at a stockist who sells the Oeuf label. 


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