All About Winter Water Water Factory

Winter Water Factory is a sustainable baby, children, and women’s clothing brand made in Brooklyn, New York. They specialize in screen-printed textiles and organic kids’ clothing. 

They create fresh, bold, and beautiful textile prints that are a signature of the brand. All products are incredibly soft and made with 100% certified organic cotton. The brand creates prints that kids love and are excited to wear, along with unmatched comfort that will not get in the way of play and fun.

What is Winter Water Factory? 

Founded in 2004, Winter Water Factory is the brainchild of Stefanie Lynen and Todd Warnock. Lynen is the creative force behind the company and came to New York in 1999 from Germany after completing medical school. Lynen fell in love with product design and draws inspiration from a variety of sources like children’s books, vintage wallpaper, and even envelope liners. 

Todd Warnock, Lynen’s husband, handles the daily operations and is in charge of sales and marketing. He is also the in-house photographer and graphic designer. 

Together, they create 100% organic cotton, made in the USA garments for babies, children, and adults. 

Where does the name come from? 

The name is due to a tradition tracing back to the early 1980s in Eschweiler, Germany. Stefanie and her sister bottled melted snow and sold it to their parents as “winter water”. The original “Winterwasserfabrik” was created using all natural resources and continues today as the Winter Water Factory. 

Where is Winter Water Factory made?

Winter Water Factory mills and prints all their fabric in Los Angeles, California and they cut and sew everything in their factory in Brooklyn, New York. They strive to keep jobs within their community and have consolidated all of their cut-and-sew operations to a factory a few blocks from their home in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. According to Linkedin, they have approximately 9 employees and are privately held.  

Keeping production in the United States is important to Winter Water Factory. They aim to keep jobs and craftsmanship alive and ensure ethical manufacturing. By producing products locally, they also cut down on their shipping, packaging, and waste output which lowers their ecological footprint. 

What does Winter Water Factory make? 

Winter Water Factory produces a variety of garments for babies, children, and adults. 

  • Rompers
  • Gowns
  • Hats
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Blankets
  • Bloomers
  • Dresses
  • Pajamas
  • Accessories

What sizes does Winter Water Factory carry? 

Winter Water Factory carries baby, kids, and women’s clothing in a range of sizing. For their baby and kid lines, they carry sizes newborn to 8 years. Their adult line carries sizes XS to 3XL. 

For a complete size guide for their baby and kids line, see the retailer’s website. 

Winter Water Factory size chart for babies and kids.

For adult sizing, Winter Water Factory recommends consulting the size chart for each individual garment. Sizing is listed directly on the garment’s page.

Does Winter Water Factory run true to size?  

While I’ve found Winter Water Factory to run true to size (based on one t-shirt and one dress), it is a little unclear if Winter Water Factory runs true to size overall.

One review stated they ran a little larger, but I was unable to find more reviews about fit and sizing. When ordering online, I always reference the size guide and err on the side of ordering big so my child can grow into it.

Is Winter Water Factory sustainable? 


Winter Water Factory strives to be sustainable and is built on core values of promoting sustainability and manufacturing ethics, beginning with their raw materials. 

All their garments are made from 100% organic cotton which advocates safe and sustainable farming practices. According to the Organic Trade Association, “Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.”

While organic cotton represents less than .1% of all cotton produced worldwide, they hope to inform consumers of the importance of using organic cotton in clothing. Since conventionally-grown cotton is widely regarded as one of the dirtiest crops in the world, it’s important to Winter Water Factory to use more sustainable materials, like organic cotton in all their garments.

What makes Winter Water Factory unique? 

Winter Water Factory is unique due to every item being crafted from 100% organic cotton and made in the USA, from the fabric to the final stitch. 

It is difficult to find a sustainable baby company that is produced and manufactured in the United States. Winter Water Factory believes in the importance of keeping manufacturing domestic. The United States labor law restricts unethical sweatshop conditions and promotes responsible business practices such as paying workers a livable wage and providing safe and fair working conditions.


Are Winter Water Factory reviews any good?  

The reviews that I could find were mostly favorable and 5 of 5 stars. One critical review said the fabric faded heavily after the first wash, but they did not indicate if they followed the product care instructions.

The brand is well established and has great feedback on their Instagram posts with happy customers excited to buy new products. 

In my own experience with the brand, I have seen some minimal fading. However, it’s not noticeable unless you compare it to the original color brand new. The dress doesn’t “look” faded.

Are there Winter Water Factory sale events? 

Winter Water Factory does have a sales section on its website with good deals but the sizing and offerings are limited. Periodically, the brand does have sales for major shopping holidays like Black Friday. 

Where can I get a Winter Water Factory discount code?

Signing up for the Winter Water Factory newsletter is a good way to learn about upcoming product launches and sales they are running. 

Following their social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram, are also a great way to keep up with current promotions. 

They also have several collaborations with different artists and designers. It could also be useful to check their socials to see if any discount codes have been posted. For a behind-the-scenes look at a past collaboration, ”The House that Lars Built” has a great blog post on the process. 

Where can I buy Winter Water Factory?

Winter Water Factory is available at several retailers in the United State and worldwide. 

  • Fawn Schoppe
  • City Sprouts 
  • Acorn Toy Shop
  • Tiny Trendsetter
  • Marigold Modern
  • Paper Kite
  • Tiny Hanger
  • Lulle & Lou


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