Q by Quincy Mae: How the Target Line Compares to the Original Quincy Mae  

Q by Quincy Mae is a collaboration with Target from the popular high-end baby apparel and accessory brand Quincy Mae.

Q by Quincy Mae strives to be a one-stop shop for cozy, cute & clean clothes for babies. The line uses GOTS-certified fabrics, organic cotton, and earth-friendly materials. Q by Quincy Mae is manufactured in the same facilities as the Quincy Mae line of clothing and adheres to the same production standards. 

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What is Q by Quincy Mae? 

Q by Quincy Mae is a children’s line of clothing inspired by the high-end brand Quincy Mae. Limited details have been published about Q by Quincy Mae, however, the line appears to be very aesthetically similar to the high-end Quincy Mae line. 

Quincy Mae offers seasonal collections in beautiful color palettes, minimal prints, and velvety soft fabrics with a focus on luxurious simplicity. The clothing is buttery soft and great for the delicate skin of little ones.

The complete Quincy Mae line boasts easy-to-wear silhouettes and everyday basics to make dressing your baby simple and convenient. Pieces can be mixed and matched to create many different outfits and the colors coordinate in an effortless way.

Who is Quincy Mae? 

Quincy Mae is the youngest daughter of owner Kelli Larson. 

Who owns Q by Quincy Mae? 

Kelli Larson is the owner, illustrator, and designer of Quincy Mae. 

If Larson’s name sounds familiar, that is because she is also the owner of a popular, high-end children’s line, Rylee + Cru, which is named after her first two children. After the birth of her third child, she decided to launch Quincy Mae as a true ‘sister’ company to Rylee and Cru. 

How is Q by Quincy Mae different from the regular Quincy Mae brand? 

Q by Quincy Mae is a more affordable, accessible option for customers without sacrificing sustainability and organic materials. The line is exclusively available at Target.

I ran some price comparisons between Quincy Mae and Q by Quincy Mae. On average, Q by Quincy Mae is 35% to 38% cheaper than the Quincy Mae line. 

Q by Quincy Mae is nearly 40% cheaper 

This Q by Quincy Mae romper is $13 cheaper than the full-price Quincy Mae line.

Here are some key garment price differences between Quincy Mae and Q by Quincy Mae:

  • Zipper Jumpsuit: $35 Quincy Mae vs $22 Q by Quincy Mae 
  • Sleeveless Romper: $35 Quincy Mae vs $22 Q by Quincy Mae
  • Long Sleeve Jersey Jumpsuit (baggy): $35 Quincy Mae vs $22 Q by Quincy Mae 
  • Flutter Dress with Bloomers: $44 Quincy Mae vs $28 Q by Quincy Mae
  • Two-Piece Jersey Set: $39 Quincy Mae vs. $26 Q by Quincy Mae 

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Q by Quincy Mae has far fewer options 

There is little difference in aesthetics between the two lines and the reviews are positive for quality on the Target line. 

I myself purchased two zipper jumpsuits for Henry (size 2T): one from Quincy Mae and one from Q by Quincy Mae from Target. In terms of stitching, zipper, fabric (feel and texture), I can find no discernible difference. The patterns are different though. Q by Quincy Mae offers different prints in the same soft color palette.

This does not mean you should abandon shopping at QuincyMae.com though. The Target line has far fewer options. 

At the date of this article’s publication, there were only 18 Q by Quincy Mae garments available at Target with sizes 0-3M to 2T/3T.

QuincyMae.com offers hundreds more garments and accessories and a wider range of sizes. Quincy Mae carries sizes 0-3M to 5Y. It also carries a number of items its Target line does not stock.

Items exclusive to Quincy Mae that the Target line does not carry include:

  • Swimwear
  • Bonnets and Caps 
  • Sleep Bags and Gowns
  • Bodysuits / Onesies
  • Bubble Rompers
  • Overalls 
  • Knit Pointelle Garments
  • Ribbed Tank Dresses
  • Terry Dress Sets
  • Ruffle Tank Dresses
  • Short-Sleeve and Long-Sleeve Belle Dresses
  • Terry Retro Rompers
  • Knit Ruffle Rompers
  • Skirted Tank One-Pieces
  • Ribbed Bloomers
  • Gathered Bloomers
  • Sleeveless Peplum Sets
  • Woven Shorts
  • Waffle Tees and Shorts Sets
  • Summer Knit Sets
  • Swaddles
  • Blankets
  • Booties and Socks 
  • Mittens
  • Headbands and Bow Clips
  • Bibs 

Quincy Mae also offers 15% off your first purchase on QuincyMae.com.

Is Q by Quincy Mae good quality? 

When looking at reviews from Target, there are a lot of very positive reviews for the quality of the brand. One reviewer said the quality was on par with the Quincy Mae line. 

I emailed Quincy Mae to ask if the same quality control practices were in place for Q by Quincy Mae, and a representative Samantha replied on August 1, 2022 and stated, “Q by Quincy Mae is made in the same facility with the same sustainability standards.”

When looking at the brands side by side, it is hard to differentiate which one comes from Quincy Mae and Q by Quincy Mae.

What does Q by Quincy Mae sell? 

Q by Quincy Mae focuses on a core set of best-selling Quincy Mae items. These include:

  • Jumpsuits
  • Rompers
  • Pajamas
  • Coordinating Sets

What sizes does Q by Quincy Mae carry? 

Q by Quincy Mae offers sizes 0-3 months through 2T-3T. A complete size guide is available on product pages. 

Is Q by Quincy Mae sustainable? 


Quincy Mae as a whole is meticulous about who they work with and how each piece is sourced (more on that below). 

Q By Quincy Mae not only is adorable for your little ones, but they are also doing their part to ensure sustainability.

  • GOTS certified, which is the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers.
  • Earth friendly by using 100% recyclable hang-tags and recycled poly bags to minimize waste.
  • Using only organic cotton and high-quality materials for all their clothing.

Where is Quincy Mae manufactured?  

Quincy Mae is organic and ethically made. Quincy Mae is designed in the United States and made in China

Quincy Mae maintains close partnerships with its factories. Their factories must sign an eleven-part code of conduct agreement. Some of these components include no child labor, no forced work environments, fair wages, and non-discrimination based on age, race, sex, and more. This agreement is subject to continuous audits to ensure the code of conduct is withheld. 

Quincy Mae factories are also WRAP certified, which is the world’s largest independent certification program that focuses on apparel, footwear, and sewing products. This means the factories and companies take a collaborative approach to social compliance and make sure they are compliant with 12 core principles related to ethics and social responsibility. 

Other ethical children’s brands like Mini Rodini and Tinycottons are also produced in China using ethical and sustainable factories. Quincy Mae is transparent about why and how their line is produced in China. More information about their sourcing and sustainability can be found here

Is Quincy Mae for boys?  

Yes! Quincy Mae offers clothes for girls and boys, with a lot of items unisex which is perfect for passing down to future siblings. Since sustainability is a priority for the brand, they encourage clothing to be passed down and bought second-hand. Following the product care instructions on the garments can ensure the items last the test of time.

Quincy Mae focuses on soft colors and a lot of natural-hued colors like blues, browns, greens, creams, and more. Having unisex clothing colors and styles extends the garments’ wear life.

How did Q by Quincy Mae start? 

Q by Quincy Mae started in 2018 after the birth of owner Kelli Larson’s third baby (a girl named Quincy). 

Staying true to her roots with Rylee and Cru, the same values and ethics are found across both brands. Both brands take sourcing and production ethics very seriously. In 2018, both brands won an award as “Outstanding Case of Social Responsibility of Chinese Private Enterprises” by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. 

Where can I buy Q by Quincy Mae baby clothing? 

Q by Quincy Mae is available exclusively at Target

When is there a Q by Quincy Mae sale? How can I save money on Q by Quincy Mae? 

Q by Quincy Mae is available exclusively at Target. The pieces range in price from $22-$28. As of the date of this article’s publication, most pieces were on sale for $13-$22.

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  • Wait for end of season clearance markdowns.
  • Register for Q by Quincy Mae on your baby registry.


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