All About Tinycottons 

Tinycottons (commonly misspelled Tiny Cottons) is a children’s brand established in December 2012 by Barb Bruno and Gerard Lazcano in their home in Barcelona, Spain. Their mission is to create good, long-lasting products while being a favorite for kids. 

They are a kids brand that grandparents choose for quality, parents for design and freshness, and kids for comfort and fun. Through fair trade factories and honest processes, they are eco-friendly and take care of the environment.

What is Tiny Cottons? 

Tiny Cottons is a high-end baby and children’s clothing brand. The garments are ethically made and gender neutral with timeless shapes, colors, and patterns. With fun and funky prints, kids are drawn to the designs and parents love them too.

However, they are much more than “just” a high-end children’s brand. At the heart of the business, they are a family. As a husband and wife team with four children, they have developed a family-friendly brand of everyday clothing for parents and children. Family is at the heart of their business. The co-founders have a son with Autism and have done work with several organizations to advocate for Autism awareness and other social causes in relation.  

Is Tinycottons a good brand? 

Tinycottons is a great brand for parents who want quality clothing that their children will love. When designing kids’ clothing, Tiny Cottons thinks of comfort and quality for a long-lasting and sustainable wardrobe. 

With every collection, there is a strong image and story that kids get involved with, or just love a piece they’ll remember forever. The prints and patterns have a very fun, but timeless aesthetic to them and can be passed down to future siblings. All their garments have care instructions to ensure they are laundered in a way that will preserve them for years to come.

Every year, Tinycottons designs an Autism T-shirt to raise funds and support the development and inclusion of kids with Autism. Founders Barb and Gerard have a son with Autism named Greg, and this cause is near to their hearts. In 2020, they teamed up with the Aprenem Association to provide guidance, information, and legal support to families, demanding the same opportunities for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What does Tiny Cottons sell? 

Tiny Cottons sells apparel and accessories for babies, kids, and women. Some of their categories include:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Dresses
  • Knitwear
  • One-Pieces
  • Jumpsuits
  • Denim 
  • Swimwear
  • Outerwear
  • Accessories
    • Teethers
    • Bags
    • Hair Clips
    • Bibs
    • Headwear
  • Shoes
  • Scent
    • Soap
    • Lotion
    • Cream

Tiny Cottons also has a toy line named “We are Gommu” which is a mother/daughter project born out of the need for a sustainable, safe, and biodegradable toy. Gommu means rubber in Japanese. All Gommu babies are 100% biodegradable, and handmade with care and safety.

What sizes does Tinycottons carry? 

Tinycottons sells clothing from 0-24 months for their baby line and 2-12 years for their kid line. They also have a woman’s line in sizes 34 to 42.

A complete size guide can be found on the Tinycottons website. 

Can you buy Tiny Cottons adults clothing? 

Yes! Tiny Cottons’ has a line called the “Tiny Big Sister”, a collection created for women. It is influenced by the iconic Tinycottons aesthetic. This line aims to deliver modern wear, for everyday scenarios such as work, travel, home, and outdoors. They carry a variety of garments to elevate a wardrobe in an effortlessly chic way.

Some of their items in this line include sweatshirts, dresses, shoes, sweat sets, and more. Sizing options range from 34 to 42. 

What makes Tinycottons unique? 

Tinycottons draw inspiration from books and travel. With their company located in Barcelona, it is easy to find inspiration in the cosmopolitan city full of art, green spaces, and parks. Barbara explains that inspiration and messaging are also drawn from things like “friendship, love, companionship, kindness, nature, taking care of our planet.”

Books and travel are also part of their creative process and every season they tell a new story with a strong message to share. For the AW22 drop, “A Plein Air”, meaning “in open air” is inspired by Paris. This is a perfect nod to the whimsical and free-nature of childhood.

In past interviews, founders Barb and Gerard have explained, “I believe that our quality is a very important value at Tinycottons. Our brand is pure and graphic, and sort of basic with a modern, street and relaxed touch. Parents nowadays look for these.”

Is Tinycottons organic? 

Tiny Cottons are made from Pima cotton in lovely hues and patterns. Supima cotton is a natural fiber that is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, Supima is the top one percent of cotton produced in the world and is twice as strong as regular cotton. This provides great durability for kid’s clothing. The farming practices comply with high environmental and ethical standards which is a priority for the brand.

For non-cotton fabrics, Tinycottons prefers recycled materials. In 2020 Tinycottons switched to paper mailers and shipped all items in plastic-free packaging. These mailers are strong, resistant, and also kinder to the environment. 

When is there a Tiny Cottons sale? How can I save money on Tinycottons? 

Tiny Cottons has periodic sales events throughout the year, but they are infrequent. End-of-season sales are a perhaps the best time to score major savings, with prices discounted by 50%. Tinycottons also has an outlet on their website where you can find deeply discounted toys and garments.

You can also save 10% off your first order by joining the Tiny Family newsletter.

Third party retailers who carry the label feature their own sales and promotional events.

Who are the Tinycottons stockists? What retailers sell Tinycottons? 

Tinycottons headquarters are in Barcelona with three company-owned shops in Barcelona and Madrid. They wholesale to 34 countries and have 400 selected retailers worldwide. Some of the retailers include: 


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