Where to Shop Cute Baby Girl Clothes

While it feels like cute baby girl clothes are everywhere, there are a lot of beautiful brands and styles that you’ll never come across at Target, your local mall, or Amazon. Those are the three big places that moms and their friends and families love to shop.

My own style aesthetic depends on my mood. On a put-together today, it can range from minimalist to bohemian to East Coast polish. And when shopping for baby clothes and toddler outfits, I want the styles I buy to reflect my own style. This mama just isn’t into Paw Patrol tees and giraffe jumpers.

Over the past few years (my daughter is 3), I’ve discovered some amazing brands and places to shop for baby girls and toddler girls too.

You may have already discovered this, but it can be challenging to find stylish children’s brands that carry infant sizing. Many (maybe most) brands start at size 2T or bigger. The brands and stores I’m sharing all have infant apparel with sizing starting at Newborn, 0M, or 3M.

10 Brands to Shop for the Cutest Baby Girl Clothing

If you’re just diving into the world of baby clothing, here are some great places to find some stylish clothing. From footed pajamas to birthday outfits and everything in-between, you’ll want to check out these retailers.

1 | Alice and Ames (Alice & Ames)

The Arizona-based retailer known for its organic cotton twirly dresses has adorable, stylish clothing for babes too. Shop baby clothes sizes 3M – 24M. (The retailer also carries sizes 2T to 10 for toddlers and big kids.)

You’ll love their bubble rompers, smocked dresses, and soft cotton separates. I love the bright and varied color palette that is richly hued without being juvenile. The prints are amazing too, with many having a hand-drawn or painted flair.

  • Price Range: $20 – $44
  • How to Save: Save 30% to 40% off for major sales events like Black Friday. Save $15 off your first order of $50 or through this referral link to Alice and Ames. A unique Alice and Ames coupon code will be generated for you on the site.
  • Where to Shop: Shop AliceandAmes.com

2 | Birinit Petit (Shan and Toad)

I recently discovered this Spanish brand and it was love at first sight. Birinit Petit sells stunning, high-quality clothing, shoes, bonnets, and other accessories. Lots of vintage styles, cuts, and prints. You’ll love their flowy blousy tops, jesusitos (gowns), and rompers. Everything is beautiful; their clothing is artwork in motion. They do a really great job of blending different fabrics and prints, like gingham collars on large, floral patterns.

While it’s a pricey brand, the clothing is built to last. The fabrics are built for play and wash extremely well. Also many of the rompers, pants, culottes, and tops are unisex.

  • Price Range: $20 – $88
  • How to Save: Wait for end of season markdowns. I’ve scored items for $10 – $15 by waiting for clearance markdowns.
  • Where to Shop: For US customers, your best bet is to shop Birinit Petit through Shan and Toad. There are only a handful of retailers carrying this label that ship to the US. Shan and Toad has the best deals (markdowns) and the largest assortment I’ve seen. You can save $5 with this referral link. (It may be a better deal to get the new email signup discount.) Shop Shan and Toad.

3 | Fin & Vince

I discovered Fin and Vince a little over a year ago and I’m obsessed. The vibe is playful and minimalist. Their newborn and layette clothing is exquisite. Cozy, waffle-knit sleep sacks, plush bear suits (for cold season wear), ribbed knit separates, and super-soft cotton onesies. The fabric is thick and luxurious.

If you want mom and baby girl matching outfits, there are plenty of options. I’ve purchased mom size items for my wardrobe (ringed tees, shorts, dresses), and loved the quality.

  • Price Range: $18 – $88
  • How to Save: Wait for end of season markdowns. I’ve scored items for $7 – $15 by waiting for clearance markdowns.
  • Where to Shop: Shop the Fin and Vince website for the largest selection of garments and the best clearance deals. Shop FinandVince.com. You can save $10 off your first purchase when you visit the retailer through this referral link.

4 | Hust & Claire (Hust and Claire)

Hust & Claire is one of the best kept secrets. The baby and toddler dresses, onesies, tops, and pants are super soft and high quality. You’ll find lots of everyday wear basics and plenty of cute baby girl outfits for special occasions.

Most of their baby girl dresses and onesies are versatile, and work for everyday wear or for special events. The color palette is mainly wheat, indigo, mauve, mushroom, and sage.

  • Price Range: $30 – $70
  • How to Save: Wait for end of season markdowns – you’ll score savings of 60% off or more. For example, right now shop Hust & Claire garments from $13 to $26 on BabyShop.com.
  • Where to Shop: Hust & Claire is sold on BabyShop and AlexaandAlexa.com.

5 | Illoura the Label

Illoura the Label is an Australian fashion label that sells clothes for babies, kids, and moms. The retailer has gorgeous baby must haves, including super-soft wool knits (rompers, onesies, rompers, bonnets). Other favorites are chunky knit pants and shorties and soft cotton tops, pants, and other separates.

The brand has clean, minimalist lines, a natural color palate, and is committed to ethical and sustainable production. All of their clothing is heirloom quality and built to be passed down. Most items are gender neutral. (>>> Related: Check out these gender neutral baby brands for all styles and budgets.)

  • Price Range: $20 – $48
  • How to Save: Wait for end of season markdowns – you can score items for $15 to $23 if you shop past season. There are also a handful of sales throughout the year where you can find BOGO deals or 20% to 30% off sales on featured items.
  • Where to Shop: IllouraTheLabel.com is the best place to shop the brand.

6 | Jamie Kay

Jamie Kay is a New Zealand brand that sells high-quality baby and children’s clothing that has a timeless feel. The brand blends vintage styles with more minimalist design and muted color palette. Think clean lines with flair, like pointelle, ruffled straps, soft muslin lining, or ticking. I especially love their bloomers, leggings, and cord overalls. The aesthetic has a fairy-princess garden party in the woods sort of vibe.

While most non-sale items are $22 to $48, Jamie Kay has regular sales and markdowns. You can find organic essentials for newborns priced at just $7. And I recently purchased several knit items for over 60% off since they were a couple months past season. As an added bonus, the brand is super popular on the re-sale market. You can get top dollar when you sell your pre-loved Jamie Kay clothing in BST groups and resale apps.

  • Prices Range: $12 – $48
  • How to Save: Wait for sale events. There are a handful of major ones throughout the year, and every week or so the retailer will mark down merchandise. You can find gorgeous knit sweaters and muslin dresses priced from $7 to $19 if you’re patient.
  • Where to Shop: Shop JamieKay.com. (Free shipping for $100+ or $9.95 for orders under $100 to the US. This is a New Zealand brand that ships overseas.)

7 | Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn has gorgeous, high-quality clothing for babies and kids at an affordable price point. All of their garments are organic (most are muslin, bamboo, or cotton). The color palette is based on nature, and the patterns are whimsical and artistic. New patterns regularly drop, including race cars, sunflowers, pumpkins, cowboys, coyotes, or bumblebees.

The brand has a bit of a cult following. Their bloomers, dresses, quilts, and bubble rompers are especially popular. Many moms will stay up late (or wake up early) to shop the newest fashion drop the moment it goes live. Especially popular patterns can sell for crazy prices in buy sell trade groups (selling for more used than the retail price new).

  • Prices Range: $9 – $30
  • How to Save: The brand is already quite affordable with great prices on everything you could need for Baby Girl. On top of these prices, you can find markdowns on older styles and prints. I’ve scored dresses and leggings for $5 to $7. The Kate Quinn website makes it easy for you to navigate their top deals, filtering your search to $3, $5, $9, $12, or $15 deals.
  • Where to Shop: Shop KateQuinn.com

8 | L’ovedbaby

L’ovedbaby sells gorgeous baby clothing. A slower-fashion brand based in Los Angeles, they do two releases a year. One for spring and summer and another for fall and winter. All their clothing is organic and ethically made from high-quality cotton, linen, gauze, velour and terry cloth fabric. Their kimono snap onesies and footed rompers are especially popular and come in a range of nature inspired colors like stone, sage, seafoam, and fig.

  • Prices Range: $18 – 48
  • How to Save: An heirloom quality brand, L’ovedbaby garments are a bit spendy. Follow the brand on social media to score special deals. Also there is a SALE section where you can find savings of 25% to 40% off select garments.
  • Where to Shop: Shop LovedBaby.com

9 | Little Planet (Carter’s)

Carter’s has a higher-end organic line of clothing called Little Planet. The collection features all-natural, organic clothing with a less garish color palette. Violet, indigo, taupe, honey, and sage are common colors. Patterns and prints have a less juvenile feel, including ticking, gingham, and wildflower.

Pricier than their regular non-organic line of clothing, Carter’s Little Planet is still very affordable. It features gorgeous staples made of muslin, linen, cotton, French terry, or ribbed knit. And because it’s a Carter’s label, there’s the possibility of getting same day pickup for some items.

  • Prices Range: $10 – 30 (Many 2-item or 3-item sets sell for $15 to $17)
  • How to Save: Carter’s regularly has sales for 30% to 50% off. (Carter’s always has some sort of sale going. 50% is a good deal – 60% or better is outstanding.)
  • Where to Shop: Shop Carter’s Little Planet on Carter’s website. You can find a small selection of Little Planet in some Carter’s stores and stores that carry Carter’s (i.e. Kohl’s), but the selection is a fraction of what is available online. Also, in my experience the in-store section is always very picked over.

10 | Oeuf NYC

Oeuf NYC has possibly the world’s most exquisite knitwear for babies and children. All their clothing is sublime though, not just the knit wool pieces. The cuts are timeless with a vintage feel. Oeuf NYC colors and prints are bright and colorful without being juvenile. And every garment is impeccably well-made; the style blends California mid-century cool (cue palm trees) and New York City casual glam.

While you’ll love it all, I especially dig their knit shorts, scalloped vests, onesies, ruffle collar tops and onesies, rompers, bonnets, and bespoke crowns that you can have personalized with your baby’s name.

  • Prices Range: $17 – $119
  • How to Save: Wait for past season sales to save 40% to 60% off.
  • Where to Shop: Shop OeufNYC.com for the largest selection. You can also shop Oeuf NYC on BabyShop.com. Shopping BabyShop.com you may find more past season items, sizes that have sold out on Oeuf’s website, or even better markdowns.

Other Great Brands for Baby Girls

It was hard narrowing it down to a list of 10. Here are some runner-ups that didn’t quite make my top 10 list. These are still great stores and brands worth shopping.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Occasion to Dress Up Your Child

There are lots of wonderful fashion options for your baby girl and she’ll look gorgeous any way you dress her. Enjoy having fun with baby girl outfits and make sure your little one gets a chance to wear them.

That’s something I regret. So many cute baby girl summer outfits never got worn because we didn’t really go anywhere. When her little brother came along (2 years later), I squeezed him into an adorable outfit moments after he was born. He left the hospital wearing Quincy Mae and L’ovedbaby.

Babies and toddlers grow so fast. The perfect, special occasion to wear a sparkly pink dress or velvet culottes will never come; infants are rarely invited to black tie dinners and adult mixers.

And Don’t Be Afraid of Buttons and Snaps!

Also, don’t be afraid of getting snaps (over zippers) for your little ones. For my oldest, I avoided rompers and dresses with buttons or snaps because I heard zippers were easier. For my youngest (now age 1), I just went for it. So many cute baby clothes come with button only closures, as a deliberate style choice. I decided to just take the extra 30 to 60 seconds to get him dressed how I want to, and I haven’t regretted it yet.

Bottom Line

Wear the cute clothes and enjoy them. Don’t worry about where you’re (not) going or buttons and snaps. And don’t worry about stains – a stained dress your kid has worn sparks far more joy than a pristine dress gathering closet dust. Babyhood is short; eke out every last ounce of pleasure. 

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