All About Mini Boden and Baby Boden Clothing: Where to Buy and Sell New and Used Boden & How to Get Boden Coupon Codes

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Originally published on August 18, 2021.

Updated on June 30, 2022


Boden clothing is becoming more commonplace in the closets of stylish kids everywhere. And if you join any clothing resale site that sells children’s sizes, you’ll see that Boden is among the top three most coveted brands. 

People love the colorful, bright patterned clothing and classic British styles of Baby Boden and Mini Boden. And a few years ago, I bought my daughter a few secondhand Boden pinafores and playsets and I caught the Boden myself. 

This post is all about Boden. How the brand rose to prominence among trendy kids in the US, why it’s so popular, where to buy Mini Boden, and how to score Mini Boden promo codes and other Boden coupon savings – including those free $15 gift cards Boden sends out in post mail.   

This post looks at the most common QA’s about Mini Boden, and is loaded with promo codes and tips to save big when it comes to buying and selling secondhand or used Boden kids clothing. 

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Boden is  a British clothing retailer that was founded by Johnnie Boden in 1991. Initially, Boden was a mail-order business. 

While Boden is best known for women’s wear and Boden girls, boys, and baby clothing, initially Boden launched as a men’s only clothing retailer. Boden’s women’s clothing line was launched in 1992, and Boden kids clothing was rolled out 4 years later. Every little thing that Boden touches is magic. 

  • 1999: The Boden UK website is launched. 
  • 2002: Boden expands to the United States with the website. 
  • 2004: Boden opens its first brick-and-mortar store in London, England. 
  • 2007: The brand launches Baby Boden, delighting parents in the U.S. and the U.K. with adorable pinafores, rompers, onesies, and other baby layettes. In the same year, Boden also launches its German website. 
  • 2010: Boden releases its teen range of clothing called “Johnnie B”. Johnnie B offers styles and sizes for kids up to age 16. 
  • 2011: Boden begins offering maternity clothing, petite sizing for Boden Womenswear, special occasion party dresses (suitable for weddings). 
  • 2012: By 2012, the U.S. is driving more than one-third of all total sales. 
  • 2014: Boden launches an Australia website.  


Or as my husband asked, “What’s Boden?” 

Mini Boden and Baby Boden clothing are international favorites among parents and kids for their whimsical, imaginative clothing in bright colors and patterns. The clothing celebrates childhood and children’s play. 

Signature British Boden style.
Somme typically adorable Baby Boden pieces.

Mini Boden has a full line of playful mix-and-match separates for boys and girls. Mini Boden is especially known for its leggings, twirly dresses, skorts, corduroy pinafores,  wool sweaters and cardigans, and appliqué T-shirts, hoodies, and dresses. The quality is impeccable, and every garment has a playful twist and sometimes fun surprises, like color changing sequins or peekaboo flaps.  

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Baby Boden is the brand’s line clothing for infants, babies, and toddlers, with sizes ranging from 0M to 3T. Baby Boden clothing features joyful prints in colors that coordinate with larger Mini Boden sizes, including super-soft bodysuits (onesies), dresses, tops and bottoms, sleepsuits, rompers, sweaters, and outerwear. As BodenUSA touts on its website, Baby Boden is all about cheerful essentials that are built for “adventurous days and restful nights”.

Baby Boden style - 20% off promo codes.
Some glorious Baby Boden styles. That bunny’s dinosaur backpack opens up, too!

Mini Boden, by contrast, is designed with older kids in mind (age 2-12). 

Mini Boden Styles for Girls.
Some Mini Boden Styles for Boys.


Johnnie Boden, the person, is the founder of Boden. He created the Boden brand as a UK mail catalogue clothing retailer in 1991. Over the years, his business grew into the online, International retailer we know today. 

Some Johnnie Boden styles available for tweens and teens.

The other Johnnie Boden is Johnnie Boden the clothing line. Johnnie Boden has clothing sizes and styles designed for older kids. While Johnnie Boden is designed for tweens and teens, the full Johnnie Boden sizing ranges from 5-6Y to 13-14Y. Some Johnnie Boden clothing pieces even start at size 2-3Y.  


Yes, Boden is a very British brand. Boden was founded in the UK in 1991 by Johnnie Boden. Originally Boden was a British mail-order clothing business for men’s wear. Over the past 30 years, Boden has evolved into a retailer selling British style apparel for men, women, kids, and babies all around the globe on the Internet and in brick and mortar stores. 

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Yes, Boden is sold in the U.S. You can shop on the brand’s US website, Free shipping and returns are offered for orders over $49. 

At, you can shop Baby Boden, Mini Boden, Johnnie Boden, and Boden sizes for grown-ups too.

If you’re looking to shop Boden Kids at a physical store location, Nordstrom has carried the British clothing line since 2009. Mini Boden clothing is exclusive to Nordstrom in the US and sold at over 60 retail locations. You can also purchase Mini Boden on the website. offers free standard shipping, all the time, on all orders. Standard shipping time generally takes 3-8 business days. You can also opt to pick up your Nordstrom purchase in-store. (and most Nordstrom department stores) sell Baby Boden and Mini Boden clothes.

Additionally, there is a Boden outlet store in Scranton, PA. This is the only standalone store to exclusively sell Boden clothing.

The Boden Outlet Store in Scranton, PA. (Be still my heart.)

I’ll admit the Boden Outlet is my Clothing Mecca. I hope to one day make the pilgrimage, however, other Boden-loving moms have told me it’s mostly just women’s clothing with a small selection of Boden Kids. Very hit or miss, so hard for me to justify a jaunt to Pennsylvania from Minnesota. And yet, there must be other cultural nods to “The Office” TV show to hit up.

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In addition to Nordstrom department stores, the BodenUSA website, and the Boden outlet store (if you’re lucky enough to one day make the sacred expedition), there are a couple of other ways to buy Boden in the US. 

  1. Nordstrom Rack: Some moms score major deals on Mini Boden clothes at Nordstrom Rack, finding cute last-season kidswear for 60% off or more. In my city, I’ve only come across a Mini Boden garment twice in a Nordstrom Rack and in both instances the garment was years too big for either of my kids. In other markets, it seems like parents score better finds. But when you are at a Nordstrom Rack, it never hurts to look. You can also shop I have seen Boden kids clothes featured.
  2. Once Upon A Child: It seems like you can always find at least a couple of Mini Boden garments whenever you hit up a Once Upon A Child (OUAC) store. Whether or not the item is in the size, style, or condition you want is another story. But OUAC can be a treasure trove. 


Today, Boden (including Boden kids brands Mini Boden and Baby Boden) are owned by the parent company JP Boden (Holdings) Limited or J.P. Boden & Co. Limited as registered in England and Wales. 

The original owner and founder of the company is Johnnie Boden. He founded the company in 1991, as a menswear mail order catalogue clothing company, that bore his namesake.


For smaller sizes (up to 12M), Mini Boden runs true to size.  After that, Boden clothing tends to run big when compared to US sizing. 

If your child wears an 18M or 2T, refer to a Boden size chart. You’ll note that Boden sizing for 1 1/2Y – 2Y runs much larger than a US size 18-24M. And if your child wears a US size 2T, don’t assume that 2Y or 2Y-3Y sizing will fit. 

 My 3 year old daughter (who turned 3 less than a month ago) wears a 3T in US brands or US sizing. Her height and weight place her at the 75th percentile, yet per Boden’s size chart, her measurements align with 1 ½ to 2 Y or 2Y. I do have many garments for her in size 2Y-3Y that she happily wears, but they fit long and loose. 

Kids Boden size chart: Baby Boden and Mini Boden sizing.


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You can get Boden coupons for free shipping and other savings in a number of different ways.

Get 20% off at Boden with this referral link. Also:

  • Use a free app extension like the Rakuten, SwagButton, Billy Button, Honey, or MyPoints. When you shop, they’ll alert you to available Boden promo codes and automatically test them and then apply the best one to your purchase. 
  • Meet the free shipping minimum for Boden: $49. Get free shipping for orders of $49+. 
  • Get cash back on your purchase at Boden on the Upromise shorting portal. You can get 1% to 3%, or more, cash back from Upromise. And when you join Upromise for free, you’ll get a free $5.29 signup bonus.
    • Upromise also has a number of Boden coupon codes and promo codes, and a Upromise extension you can use to automatically test and apply the best promo codes when you’re on the Boden website. 

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You can buy and sell used Boden clothing in Facebook groups and on a number of resale apps and resale sites like Poshmark, Mercari, Kidizen, and eBay. 

Facebook Groups 

Kids Boden clothing (used or new) is a hot commodity. You can find Boden clothing listed on Facebook Marketplace, but more commonly you’ll find kids Boden in Buy Sell Trade (or B/S/T or BST) groups.

Here are a couple of posts in Mini Boden groups advertising a number of Mini Boden garments that are for sale. For purge style sales like these, you can list one collage photo showing everything you have to offer. And then in the post comments, you list items individually with the price tag and people can claim them. As you can see in the far right photo, a used Mini Boden unicorn dress sold for $25.

On any given day, you can find thousands of Baby Boden and Mini Boden clothing items listed for sale, in a full range of prices and conditions. These groups are a great place to resell used Boden clothing. 


eBay is a great source for finding Boden clothing, especially NWOT (or New Without Tags). Used Boden clothing (from US sellers) doesn’t have much in the way of deals, but the real treasure trove is with UK sellers. 

A number of UK sellers buy and sell surplus Mini Boden clothing from the Boden warehouse in England. This can include sample sizes. While Boden tags are clipped or cut, for many Mini Boden items the brand name, logo, and sizing are printed directly onto the fabric in the garment’s interior. 

eBay can be a good source for buying surplus Mini Boden kids clothing from warehouse sales in the UK. And you can earn cash back when you shop at eBay through the free Upromise rewards platform.

Some of these items may have small flaws (that you need to squint cross-eyed to see). Shipping from the UK can be expensive (but if you’re purchasing multiple items, you can ask the seller to combine shipping). Styles and sizing can be limited. Brand new (without tags) Boden merchandise is often not size labeled in the listing, or the listing will be for a smaller size (i.e. 12M) but when you click into the listing you will see many other larger sizes available. 

You can earn cash back (1% to 2% usually) from reward sites Upromise or Swagbucks. 

Resale Sites Like Mercari, Kidizen, and Poshmark

Resale apps and sites like MercariKidizen, and Poshmark are great places to buy and sell used Mini Boden clothes. On these resale outlets, Mini Boden definitely does not go for garage sale prices. You can find used dresses going for $30, $40, or $50 and more, with some good bargains sprinkled in.

You can also find quite a bit of brand new clothing (new with tags, or with tags removed) listed here. Garments that got buried in clothing tsunamis, outgrown before taken out of storage. Or even enterprising sellers buying clearanced goods new and then selling at a markup.

I have purchased from, and sold on, all three of these sites and think they’re worth a go. Especially since you can get a discount off your purchase.

Promo Codes for Mercari, Kidizen, and Poshmark

  • Sign up for Mercari with this referral link, get $30 free. You’ll get $10 off your first purchase. And you’ll get $20 off any Mercari purchase after you’ve sold your first $100 on their marketplace. This site is the easiest one to create listings and lowest in seller fees (commissions).

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  • Join Kidizen with this referral link, get $5 off your first purchase. Minnesota based Kidizen has the largest selection of children’s clothing brands, and also toys, books, baby gear, and and mama size clothing. There is no easy way to make an offer. (There’s no functionality to click and submit an offer. You have to direct message the seller and wait for a response.) If you sell on here, a big plus is there’s an option for your listings to also be shared on Facebook Marketplace where you can reach a broader audience.

Get $5 Off at Kidizen

  • Join Poshmark with this referral link, get $10 off your first purchase. Poshmark has a huge selection of clothes and accessories for tons of brands, but you’ll find that Kidizen has a much larger selection of kids clothes and kids brands. The seller fees (commissions to Poshmark) are a bit steep. And if you’re a buyer on Poshmark, you pay the shipping which is set at a flat rate fee. Currently that amount is set at $7.45 (ouch). But you have more flexibility in terms of haggling with the seller to get a good deal. You can ask make offers at 30% off or more – on Mercari you can’t make offers that go below 20% off list price.

Get $10 Off at Poshmark

There are different buyers and different sellers on all of these apps. Plenty of sellers sell on two or more of them, or even on other sites too like thredUP and eBay. And as a buyer, if you’re looking for good deals it’s worth your time to hit up all of these sites. You can create alerts for when specific brands or items you want get listed.

You can see the many hundreds to thousands of listings available for pre-loved Boden kids clothing on Mercari, Poshmark, and Kidizen.


Boden offers a 365 day return policy. You have until the first anniversary of your order’s arrival to return anything that doesn’t meet your “naturally high expectations”. Regular wear and tear is included, but items that have been inked with a Sharpie or mauled and clawed by pets do not qualify. 

Within the first 6 months, you can get a refund if you are not happy with the garment’s quality. After that, you can get an exchange or store credit within the first 365 days. 

During the first 3-month window of your purchase, there is a no-quibble returns policy where Boden will accept any return for any reason. 

Boden’s super generous return policy does not apply to sale goods. You have 14 days to return a sale item, with the exception of ‘final’ sale items which cannot be returned. Final sale items have pricing that ends with “.99” cents. 

For items marked “Final Sale”, there are no returns or exchanges. 


Yes, the resale value of Boden Kids clothing is outstanding, and that is a big driver for parents to buy Mini Boden and Baby Boden clothes for their little ones. 

Depending on condition, you can get 40% to 75% resale value on Boden items based on the price you paid. (Moms who buy, trade, and sell Boden clothing know all the angles and know that you probably got your Boden item for 15% to 30% off on sale.) 

Some Boden garments, even secondhand, can go for far more than original price if it’s an especially coveted style or piece. In fact, I did an in-depth study, pouring over sales and re-sale data, and found that on average Boden baby and kids clothing has a 56% re-sale value.

Here’s a sampling of some of the higher resale prices for Boden clothing you can find on resale sites.

Boden Items with the Best Resale Value


Appliqué, appliqué, appliqué. Boden’s appliqué sweatshirts, T-shirts, dresses, and legends are the stuff of legends. Kids and parents love the high-quality, playful textures. Uber bonus if it’s an applique playset, or cord romper or dresser with coordinating top. 


Mini Boden hoodies, especially sherpa lined or bedecked with appliqué designs, are popular and sell well. 


Thick jersey Mini Boden dresses resell well. For other cotton dresses (that are not knit fabric), it can be a crap shoot. Older styles of non-knit cotton dresses do not do as well. 


Mini Boden playsets (tops and bottoms, dresses and bloomers, rompers and coordinating shirts) re-sell well. 

I once listed and re-listed the same Boden tunic for $7 in purge sale after purge sale on Facebook and no one wanted it. I found the matching, same-brand bottoms (unremarkable solid color cotton that look like they could be any brand), and the set quickly sold for $15. 

Buyers love coordinating sets. 


Boden is a British brand that has primarily an online only presence in the market, but you can shop Boden in-store at Nordstrom department stores and the Boden Outlet in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

In the children’s department, Boden is one of a handful of brands that Nordstrom carries. It’s a good opportunity for those new to the brand to see and touch the quality firsthand before making an online purchase.


Boden clothing is ethically made and is a longtime member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. This means their clothing is both ethically and sustainably produced and their clothing is packaged in recyclable materials.

Boden clothing and footwear are made in a number of countries around the globe, including Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Romania, China, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom.


Boden is not a fast fashion brand; the brand focuses on high-quality clothing that is heirloom in style and quality. The baby and children’s clothing can be passed down to younger siblings and beyond. On resale apps and clothing sites, Boden is a very coveted brand and has excellent resale value.

In terms of environmental impact, Boden is working on a number of green initiatives. Boden has made public commitments to the following:

  • 2021: 100% of pure cashmere styles will be made fromm sustainable cashmere wool, certified to The Good Cashmere Standard.
  • 2023: 100% more sustainable cotton through a combination of BCI, recycled, and organic cotton; 100% of new denim pants will feature recycled cotton or better; reduced usage of polyester (no figures given).
  • By 2025: 100% of viscose styles will be made from sustainable viscose; all lines of swimwear will be made from recycled materials.

To summarize, Boden is working to use more materials made from recycled, organic, or sustainable sources and to reduce their use of polyester.


As of right now (2022), 100% of their newborn range clothing is made of GOTS certified cotton. Boden is working to expanding that standard to their other children and adult sizes.


Boden’s cuteness and quality are outstanding. While the brand is pricey compared to Kohl’s, Carter’s, or Target, there are loads of ways to buy Boden clothing on the cheap. 

If you’re willing to wait for sales and clearances, search thrift stores, or buy used online, you can find some reasonable prices. And if you take the time to re-sell your Boden clothes after, you should be able to dress your kids in Boden clothing for under $10 an item or even break even with the odd piece here and there. 

Even if you don’t plan on dealing in selling and trading used Boden wears, the comfort, quality, and playful style are outstanding. Wait for sales or Boden promo codes, and it’s worth buying Boden new. Just take care of the garment and let your kid get a lot of wear and fun out of it. 

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