NWT Meaning and Other BST Acronyms Decoded

Originally published June 30, 2021

Updates: November 4, 2021 and July 15, 2022

If you’re dipping your toes into the world of Buy Sell Trade (BST), you’ll find it’s a land laced with acronyms. NFO. UFO. NWT. NWOT. BB. PPU. And hundreds more.

So, here’s a crib sheet on the most common abbreviations and acronyms used in Facebook BST. And on Facebook Marketplace too, for that matter.


NWOT (New Without Tags) meaning and more. Here’s a list of common Buy Sell Trade (BST) abbreviations and acronyms.


AvailAvailable, Availability
BBBaby Boden (a clothing brand)
BNIBBrand New in Box
BNIPBrand New in Package
BNNWBrand New Never Worn
BNWTBrand New with Tags
BRBBe Right Back
BUMPPerson is trying to help you by making a comment to “bump” your post to the top of the page’s feed.
CCChildhood’s Clothing (a brand) or CC as in Carbon Copy like with emails.
DHDear/Darling Husband or Dumbass Husband. Depends on context.
DM’d youCommenter has sent you a Direct Message or Private Message.
DONDDeal Or No Deal (DOND posts mean you make an offer and the seller will accept your deal or not.)
EUCExcellent Used Condition
FFollowing. Commenter is Following Post.
FFFriends and Family (i.e. Payment required via PayPal FF.)
FCFAFirst Come First Available
FCFSFirst Come First Serve
Fluff“Fluff” usually refers to pets. As in “No puff, no fluff” which means “no smoking, no pets” at their home. Many sellers avoid using the words “pet”, “pets”, “dog”, or “cat” in their posts because Facebook may ban them. Facebook does not permit any pet or animal sales through their platform.
FTPUFirst to Pick Up (and Pay). Seller will not hold it for the 1st person who wants it. They are holding for the 1st person to pay or pick up.
GUCGood Used Condition
HAHanna Andersson (children’s clothing brand)
HLTHugo Loves Tiki (children’s clothing brand)
HTFHard to Find
ISOIn Search Of (Do NOT buy an ISO post.)
LEWListed Elsewhere.
LLR or LL+RLulu + Roo (children’s clothing brand) or Little Road Co
LOMSListed on Multiple Sites (or Groups)
MBMini Boden (children’s clothing brand)
MRMini Rodini (children’s clothing brand)
NFONot First Owner
NHNo Hold
NIBNew in Box or New in Bag
NILNext in Line. (Commenter posting NIL is the next person in line for your item.)
NPNot Packaged (or No Problem)
NWOTNew Without Tags
NWTNew with Tags
OOAKOne Of A Kind
OUACOnce Upon A Child
PIOGPosted In Other Groups
PlayItem (children’s garment) is in play condition due to multiple, visible flaws. May include stains, rips, fading, and holes.
PM’dCommenter has sent the seller a Private Message
PPFFPayPal Friends and Family
PPUPending Pick Up (Item is sold pending pick up.)
PuffNo Puff or Puff-Free are commonly used. Puff means smoking or cigarette smoke.
RCRylee + Cru (children’s clothing brand)
SFPFSmoke Free Pet Free. Item is from a smoke free, pet free home. (Or it could mean smoke free, pet friendly. Read the rest for more context.)
SFSStill for Sale
SOSignificant Other
SSTCSold Subject to Contract
SSTPSold Subject to Payment
TAOThe Animals Observatory (children’s clothing brand)
TTSTrue To Size (Refers to fit of item.)
UFOUnfinished Object (Common in craft or maker groups.)
VGUCVery Good Used Condition
XPCross Posted. Cross posted in other groups or seller sites.
WWWash Wear


NNWOT is an abbreviation that stands for New WithOut Tags. You’ll see it commonly used on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Kidizen, and Facebook Marketplace and resale groups.

Even though something is new without tags, that does not mean the item is flawless. There may be holes, stains, or fading from handling and storage (although this is unlikely). It’s always good to ask extra questions and for additional photos though.

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NWT is an abbreviation that stands for New With Tags. So NWT clothing means clothing that is new with tags. You’ll see “NWT” commonly used on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Kidizen, and on Facebook Marketplace and in resale groups.

Although the item is likely in mint condition, a NWT item could have stains or flaws from handling and storage. Ask in advance whether or not the item has any stains, tears, fading, or other issues before you make your purchase.

Additionally, NWT clothing could be sample sizes or pieces not quite perfect sold at a reduction for irregularities. Always ask.


HTF is an abbreviation that stands for “Hard To Find”. You can see “HTF” used with item listings on eBay, Poshmark, Facebook, Mercari, Kidizen, and other resale sites.

The seller is letting potential buyers know that the item they are listing is rare and hard to find. The seller believes this item is especially coveted. This may or may not be the case, but you can do a quick Google search of the item they are listing to get an idea of how rare it actually is. Items marked HTF tend to be priced extremely high, commonly above their original sales price brand new.


EUC is an abbreviation that means Excellent Used Condition on re-sale sites and online marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Kidizen, or Facebook.

Excellent used condition commonly indicates an item that is in like-new condition that shows no visible wear or usage. But assessing any used item’s condition is subjective. What might appear pristine to some will appear faded to others. Some seller sites or Facebook groups will have clearly define what constitutes Excellent Used Condition or EUC. Sellers must adhere to those guidelines when listing an item as such. For others, it’s a matter of the seller’s personal evaluation.

In my experience, when an item is listed as EUC, 98 times out of 100 the item will be pristine. Sellers are generally honest, especially since they want buyers to give them favorable reviews.

These are the most common questions I run across when people are trying to figure out what different acronyms and abbreviations mean. If there’s a term you want me to go more in-depth with explaining, just let me know in the comments.


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