All About L’ovedbaby 

Founded in 2004 by Sharon Oved in Los Angeles, California, L’ovedbaby is an organic cotton apparel company that produces soft, breathable, durable, and comfortable clothing for littles. The brand is commonly spelled Lovedbaby, L’oved Baby, or Loved Baby. If you see these alternate appellations, it’s probably all in reference to Sharon Oved’s beloved brand.

L’ovedbaby strives to make the best choices for babies and the environment. The label uses eco-friendly fabrics and processes, ensuring that Lovedbaby leaves behind the smallest carbon footprint possible.

L’ovedbaby originally started as a personal project by Oved, to design and create a nursing cover for her personal use. Five years later, Oved started selling the nursing covers, which grew and expanded into the baby apparel line which is known today as L’ovedbaby.

The company name is a combination of “Love” and “Oved”, which is where the unique spelling comes from. L’ovedbaby has become a household name in organic cotton baby apparel with many loyal and happy customers (me included).

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What is L’ovedbaby?

One month before founder Sharon Oved became pregnant with her first child (and before Lovedbaby was even a blip on the radar), her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 46. After an 11-year fight with cancer, her mother lost her battle and passed away. Witnessing her mother’s long struggle with cancer has directly impacted her design decisions, ethics, and priorities for the company over the past 18 years.

L’ovedbaby was not originally made from organic cotton, but still strived to ensure the highest safety standards were met. They initially used safe, minimally processed conventional cotton, without harsh added chemicals, dangerous flame retardants, and chemical softeners. But Oved knew she could do better. She wanted to ensure the safest and most sustainable fabrics and products were being used to keep her loved ones safe.

After researching conventionally processed cotton (and how it is regarded as the world’s dirtiest crop), Oved transitioned to GOTS-certified organic cotton. Organic is a safer option for the customer, environment, and cotton farmer. Conventionally processed cotton farmers risk serious illness brought on by close contact with the many carcinogenic pesticides (which are NOT used in organic cotton farming). Since many farmers have families themselves, Oved wanted to do everything she could to keep the farmers safe, while producing a superior product. 

L’ovebaby is proud to produce products that are made of 100% organic cotton that is GOTS certified, the gold standard for organic cotton certification (more on that later).

Where is L’ovedbaby made? 

L’ovedbaby is ethically and proudly made in India. There are several criteria that the factories must meet for production.

  • Employment can be freely chosen
  • There is freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • Child labor is prohibited
  • Living wages are paid
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • Discrimination is prohibited
  • Harsh or inhumane treatment is prohibited

L’ovedbaby is proud of their partnerships with their factories, which provide parents with safer and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional baby clothing and accessories. They are taking baby steps needed toward creating a better environment for everyone.   

Is Lovedbaby organic? 

Yes! Lovedbaby uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, dyes, and trims. Organic cotton is grown without any pesticides and insecticides, many of which are cancer-causing. Since the founder’s mother passed away from breast cancer, it has always been important to produce products that are not only safe for the environment but also safe for the consumer. 

GOTS-certified organic cotton is the highest level of textile certification and is globally recognized for auditing sustainability at every step of production. This includes from farm to mill to finished garment and even packaging. This ensures the highest standard of certification and gives consumers peace of mind in knowing their product is safe to wear and has not come in contact with dangerous chemicals during the production process.

Under GOTS certification, L’ovedbaby meets several standards.

  • Garments do not contain any toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, functional nanoparticles, or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).
  • They do not use Azo dyes which can release carcinogenic amine compounds.
  • The garment trims and snaps conform to strict standards (e.g. no PVC, nickel, or chrome is permitted).
  • The packaging does not include PVC plastics or other harmful materials.

What does L’ovedbaby sell? 

L’ovedbaby sells a variety of baby clothing and accessories.

  • Pajamas
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Accessories
  • One-Pieces
  • Nursing Accessories
  • Hats

What is L’ovedbaby Vintage? 

L’ovedbaby Vintage is a beautiful collection of clothing made to look and feel vintage. All items are ethically made with minimal impact on the environment. The line features ruffled bloomers, smocked footie pajamas, polo footies, suspender shorts, dresses, and more. The items are all featured in L’ovedbaby soft hues and some have dainty prints, like little flowers and dots.

Several reviews stated they were buying the Vintage collection for a child’s baptism, wedding, or other special events. They have an elevated look to them while maintaining the simplicity and softness of Lovedbaby. 

Are L’ovedbaby reviews good?

Yes! L’ovedbaby has outstanding reviews. 

Common themes of reviews are that the items are great quality, very soft, wash well, have beautiful colors, and make amazing gifts. They have a cult following of very loyal customers and some people have been buying L’ovedbaby for going on two decades. 

What’s the big deal with L’ovedbaby? Is it worth the price?

Lovedbaby offers beautiful colors that are calm and serene. They do not have loud and crazy prints but instead focus on soft colors in pinks, purples, blues, green, and creams. This color palette makes it easy to dress up or down. 

Some people choose to have their baby wear Lovedbaby for newborn pictures, baptisms, or just around the house.

The garments are incredibly soft and comfortable. The items wash well and feature no fuss zippers, snaps, and no tags to reduce any irritation to the baby’s skin. The price for their footies is $34, which is a great price point for high-end organic cotton.

The GOTS-certified organic cotton materials give parents peace of mind in knowing the fabric is safe from day one of their baby’s life. They are also held to the gold standard of organic cotton certification, which provides rigorous audits and testing to ensure compliance. The brand has also been around for over 18 years which proves longevity and consistency in their products with many loyal customers. 

I discovered the brand when my first baby was born. Nervous about putting a garment over her head, I found a L’ovedbaby open-front onesies in a soft sage green with cuffed sleeves. From there, I was hooked.

L’ovedbaby has excellent resale value

I’ve discovered that L’ovedbaby has excellent resale value in Facebook resale groups and in resale apps. Moms appreciate the brand’s outstanding quality and beautiful design.

I’ve purchased zippered footies for $15 to $34 (with various sales) and dressed two babes in them before selling them used for $15 to $20 a pop.

What sizes does L’ovedbaby carry?  

L’ovedbaby carries baby sizes preemie to 18-24 months and children’s sizes 2T to 10. There are also some adult garments as well (pajamas and loungewear). 

Here’s the L’ovedbaby sizing information (that is also available on the website): 


Preemie-NB4-7 lbs.
0-3 Months7-12 lbs.
3-6 Months12-16 lbs.
6-9 Months16-19 lbs.
9-12 Months19-22 lbs.
12-18 Months22-25 lbs.
18-24 Months25-28 lbs.



The Preemie-NB size is intended for 4 to 7 pound babies.  The  0-3m size is for 7-12 lbs and will fit longer and be a little bit roomier than NB sizing. The 0-3M size still offers a nice tailored fit for the torso and arms.


L’ovedbaby toddler and kids’ sizes fit very true-to-age and garments are cut generously long. The brand does not recommend sizing up unless your little one is extremely tall for their age. Some shrinkage (just in length) will occur in the dryer, but this is already accounted for with an extra long garment cut. 


SizeWaist Size
XS28-30 in.
S30-32 in.
M32-34 in.
L36-38 in.
XL40-42 in.

Our men’s styles can be worn by women as well! Simply size down.


SizeDress Size



Sizes XS and S can fit young teens/preteens, with a slightly looser fit than women.

How does L’ovedbaby sizing run? What is the L’ovedbaby size chart? 

Lovedbaby is meant to be form-fitting and tailored to the body. Since cotton shrinks after the first machine wash and dry cycle, Lovedbaby accounts for this shrinkage by cutting the clothing slightly long so that it shrinks down to its intended size. 

I find Lovedbaby to run true to size and would size up if you are in between sizing. They recommend you line dry your items if you are worried about too much shrinkage, so sizing up will account for some of this if you intend to wash/dry as normal.

One common question customers have is if they should buy Preemie/NB or 0-3 for their newborn in the hospital or newborn pictures. 

Lovedbaby states that if you are looking for a form-fitting homecoming outfit, they recommend preemie/newborn size. They do recommend to line dry the items if you feel they will be too small and want immediate form-fitting wear. If you prefer to have your items have a little room (or you have bigger babies), they recommend sizing up to 0-3.  

Where can I get a L’ovedbaby coupon code?

You can find a L’ovedbaby coupon code featured on the site’s website when they are running a sales promotion. 

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When is there a L’ovedbaby sale?

L’ovedbaby has a handful of sales events throughout the year, including Black Friday. 

L’ovedbaby has a “Last Chance at L’ove Sale” which offers items at 70% off. These items are final sale and cannot be combined with any other discounts. 

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What is Last Chance Thursday?

Another sale opportunity is “Big Find Thursday” which is a weekday flash sale of up to 60% off past collections. This runs every Thursday at 9:00 AM Pacific and ends Friday at 9:00 AM Pacific. 

Each Thursday a different organic cotton collection is featured and this is offered to customers due to excess inventory cut each season. All Big Find sales are final. 

Where can I buy L’ovedbaby? 

L’ovedbaby can be purchased from 150+ retailers in the United States and 20+ retailers worldwide To find a local retailer or online store, you can view the list of stockists on the Loved Baby website. 


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