What is a Babygrow?

A babygrow is a British term for a common item in every U.S. baby’s wardrobe, but most people don’t know the term. 

A babygrow is a term primarily used in the United Kingdom to describe a specific style of baby clothing used to sleep or play in. Some clothing terms can be used interchangeably with a babygrow, and some are entirely different due to style. 

These Quincy Mae baby grows are referred to as zip sleepers and zip footies.

UK babies have nappies, prams, and babygrows whilst American babies have diapers, strollers, and sleepsuits or rompers or sleepers or playsuits. So many different terms. In American-speak, we need images and more context clues to know what you’re referring to when you say any of these item names that could mean babygrow. 

What is a Babygrow?

A babygrow is a British term used for a one-piece clothing item with sleeves and legs. Babygrows are typically made of cotton with snaps and can be footed or footless. However, the main distinction is that they have long sleeves and legs.

On Jamie Kay, these baby grows are referred to as a “cotton wrap onepiece”.

What is the difference between a sleepsuit and a babygrow?

A sleepsuit and babygrow can be used interchangeably, as long as the sleepsuit has long sleeves and legs. With a babygrow, typically, the feet are enclosed with snaps, but footless and zippers are acceptable. 

The United States primarily uses the term sleepsuit, while the United Kingdom uses babygrow for the same item. 

On L’ovedbaby, a baby grow is called a zipper footie.

Is a bodysuit the same as a babygrow?

No. A babygrow must have long sleeves and legs to be considered as such. A bodysuit will often not have legs, although it can be long-sleeved. A bodysuit is primarily worn under pants or other clothing items and has snaps at the crotch for easy diaper changes. A bodysuit is typically part of an outfit, whereas a babygrow can be the entire outfit. 

What’s the difference between a onesie and a baby grow?

L: Short-sleeve onesies R: Babygrows branded as Sleep N’ Play

A onesie typically does not have legs and can be short-sleeved. A babygrow by design has long sleeves and legs. Onesies are primarily designed to wear underneath pants and, therefore, do not qualify as a babygrow.

What do Americans call a babygrow?

Americans typically call a babygrow a sleeper, pajamas, sleep and play, footies, rompers, zippies, zipper sleepers, and things alike. The term is primarily used in the United Kingdom because it is not trademarked there and can be used as a common term.

Target refers to this baby grow style as a Sleep N’ Play. L: Honest Baby and R: Cloud Island

According to a Wikipedia entry, “Babygro” is a trademark brand in the United States by Walter Artzt, established in the 1950s. However, I could not find a current trademark per the United States Patent and Trademark Office to confirm.

Are babygrows gender neutral?

Yes! Babygrows are gender neutral and come in different colors, prints, and patterns to appeal to various customers who purchase them for their littles. They can be worn to sleep or play, which appeals to many customers as a quick and easy way to dress babies. 

What are the best babygrow brands?

There are many great babygrow options for different price points. Babygrows come in various prints and fabrics to showcase your child’s style and preferred materials.  

Monica + Andy is a popular baby grow and apparel brand. This babygrow style is referred to as a one-piece pajama.

When reviewing the websites, please note that other terms are used for babygrows, such as footies, pajamas, and sleepsuits. 

Let’s get Babygrow trending in the US? 

As someone who lists a lot of my kids’ outgrown clothes in clothing apps, I wish I could just use the term “babygrow” when listing an item. Instead, I have to tag every post with the descriptor words romper, playsuit, sleeper, footed sleeper, sleep and play, pajamas, zippie, zippered sleeper, one-piece. Usually, I forget a few. If only there were just one word we could all decide to universally use.

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