Day 11 of 100 Day Dress Challenge

I’ve worn the same wool dress for 11 days in a row now – only 89 more days to go. I confess that feels more daunting now than it did a couple of days ago. I’m “into” the challenge. I like the versatility of the dress. But 100 days is a really flipping long time.

If you’re wondering what happened to day 10, you can see day 10 here. I’ve fallen behind in posting on social and I didn’t want to post days 10 and 11 on the same day.

This is me trying to “look natural”.

I wore the Clara dress today with a pleated, bronze-gold midi skirt and a wide leather belt. The skirt I’ve had for a while (I bought it in the juniors’ department at Nordstrom 6 years ago) and the belt I’ve had for over 10 years. I got it at Urban Outfitters when I thought they were the pinnacle of fashion (that’s a dig on my age, not the store) but don’t think I wore it much.

Am not sure if this whole ensemble goes. The belt doesn’t quite go but it’s what I have. Also, I should have worn knee-high leather boots, but I don’t have any at the moment and am not about to buy a pair for a sustainability challenge. At least the Birks are comfortable.

And above all, the gold and purple color palette is Minnesota-appropriate!

My 100 Day Dress Challenge

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