All About KicKee Pants 

KicKee Pants is a family-run, community-focused apparel company, offering unique, playful prints and unparalleled comfort. They are most known for their bright and bold baby pajamas that are made with ultra soft bamboo fabric.

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What is KicKee Pants?

KicKee Pants believes there is no greater gift than the renewed sense of discovery and wonder given to us by children. KicKee Pants is a pioneer of bamboo children’s clothing, being one of the first in the industry to use them as the primary fabric in their clothing.

KicKee Pants also produces their bamboo fabric (as opposed to buying from someone who already makes it). This helps ensure the highest quality of bamboo is being used. They also control every part of the process; from mill to finish, they are involved every step of the way.

When did KicKee Pants start?  

Owner and founder, Aerin Nicole first thought of the idea for KicKee Pants when she was on bed rest with her second son. He was a kicker and “KicKee Pants” became the nickname for him when he was kicking at all hours of the night. She knew she’d look back and miss those sleepless nights, which is when the idea of a clothing company began. 

She founded the company in 2007 and their headquarters are currently in Bainbridge Island, Washington. 

What material is KicKee Pants? What is KicKee Pants made of? 

KicKee Pants use a couple of different fabrics depending on the style. All fabrics are machine washable, built to last, and designed for everyday comfort.

The main fabric KicKee Pants uses is their signature bamboo. This is their main fabric and is used in a lot of their pajamas, sets, blankets, and more. This fabric is lightweight, breathable, smooth, stretchy, and extremely soft against the skin. Fabric content is 95% Viscose from bamboo and 5% Spandex. This gives the material some stretch while the bamboo makes it soft and “buttery”.

Other fabrics used are performance jersey, fleece/bamboo fleece, quilted bamboo, and woven.

Is bamboo fabric safe for babies?

KicKee Pants uses only bamboo that is grown organically with certifications. The farms where the bamboo is sourced hold two certifications: OCIA International and US National Organic Program (USDA). Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and has been shown to help people with sensitive skin or even eczema.

The bamboo fabric that KicKee Pants uses is Oeko-Tex Standard-100 certified from their viscose from bamboo fibers.  The Oeko Tex 100 Standard is a certification of a product at a given point in the manufacturing process. The certification states that no chemicals harmful to human health, including that of babies, are present in the product at the time of testing. It does not certify that no chemicals were used in the processing nor does it make any evaluation of what processes were used or any evaluation of the facilities that participated.

KicKee Pants discusses more bamboo safety and eco-friendliness in their “KicKee Pants Consumer Confidence Statement”.

How do you wash bamboo clothes? 

KicKee Pants can be machine washed and dried. They recommend to machine wash with cold water and tumble dry on low or delicate cycles. 

The fabric is delicate due to how soft and breathable it is, so it should not be washed or dried with items with zippers or Velcro. It is also recommended to wash the garment inside out to preserve the print or prevent pilling. You can also wash and hang/flat dry your items. 

What does KicKee pants sell? 

KicKee Pants sells a wide variety of apparel and accessories for micro-preemies to adults. 

  • Pajamas 
  • Dresses
  • Outerwear
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Athleisure / Lounge
  • Robes
  • One Piece
  • Swimwear
  • Outfit Sets / Rompers / Jumpers
  • Sleep Sacks
  • Bibs / Burp Cloths
  • Hats / Headbands
  • Socks
  • Shoes / Booties 
  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Loveys
  • Playmats 

They also have a fun line for pets which includes tees and accessories, like bandanas. Shop all of KicKee Pants’ styles and sizes

How do KicKee Pants run? What sizes does KicKee Pants carry? 

KicKee Pants typically run on the small size because they are made to fit snugly due to safety standards. Federal regulations require sleepwear that is not treated with flame retardants to be snug-fitting. Their pajamas are flame retardant free and safe for all ages. 

KicKee Pants carries a wide range of baby, children, tween, and adult sizes. They are one of the only bamboo baby companies to offer micro-preemie.

  • Babies and Children: Size Micro Preemie-6 
  • Kids: Size 5-10
  • Boys and Girls: XS (5/6)-XXL (14/16)
  • Adult: XS-3XL

Full size guides can be found on the KicKee Pants website and below in this post. 

KicKee Pants Size Chat for Micro-Preemie, Preemie, Babies, and Kids up to Size 6
KicKee Pants Size Chart for Kids Size 5 to Size 10
Top: KicKee Pants Boys Size Chart Size 5/6 to 14/16. Bottom: KicKee Pants Girls Size Chart Size 5/6 to 14/16
KicKee Pants Men’s Size Chart Size XS to 3XL
Top: KicKee Pants Women’s Size Chart XS (0/00) to 3XL (20). Bottom: KicKee Pants Pet (Dog) Size Chart

Where is KicKee Pants made? 

It is not openly disclosed on the KicKee Pants website, but based on research it appears they are manufactured in China. From a Facebook post in 2021, CEO Aerin Nicole posted a picture of the factory with an inside sneak peek of how their process works. The factory looks beautiful with tons of natural light, windows, and views of trees. In response to some negativity over the post, the KicKee Pants team responded with several reasons why they chose to manufacture their products in China. To read their response and look at the picture of their factory, you can visit the Facebook post.

How are the KicKee Pants reviews? 

KicKee Pants generally has great reviews. They have thousands (if not millions) of very loyal customers and people have been known to pass clothing down to many siblings or family members. Some negative reviews can be the material is thinner than the customer expects, pilling, or too expensive.

I have personally owned many KicKee Pants over the years and have had a great experience. They’ve survived my husband’s heavy-handed washings and I’ve only experienced minor pilling after dozens of washes and wears.

How can I save money? Is there a KicKee Pants discount code?

KicKee Pants frequently runs sales on their website. Third-party stockists who sell the brand also have their own promotional events. 

Where can I buy KicKee Pants?  

KicKee Pants is available at several approved retailers including Nordstrom, Baby Riddle, Bellies to Babies, and Bumps n Bundles. 


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