All About Kuling 

Kuling is a twenty-first century Scandinavian brand that creates high-end children’s outdoor wear and takes you along for the journey. The brand invokes the spirit of adventure through wild coastlines, cliffs, inland lakes, vast forests and glacial mountains. They are designed for active and adventurous kids, while taking their parents along for the ride.

What is Kuling?

Kuling creates beautiful technical clothing to explore nature. Kuling means “strong winds”, and their outdoor gear equips your child to deal with the elements in any season or adventure.

Kuling takes a minimalist approach to clothing design, with details well thought out for children. Their boots are made with Velcro and their zippers are easy to use. The patterns and colors are beautiful, some ranging from dainty and soft, to others bright and colorful. There is something for every kid’s style and needs from Kuling. 

What does Kuling sell? 

Kuling specializes in a variety of outdoor clothing for your children. 

  • Shoes & Wellies 
  • Shell Pants 
  • Backpacks
  • Blankets & Throws
  • Board Shorts
  • Coveralls
  • Gloves & Mittens
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Rain Gear
  • Ski Gear
  • Sun Gear / UV Clothing 
  • Thermo Gear
  • Windbreakers 

How does Kuling sizing work? 

Kuling sizing is in centimeters, with a size guide offered for items on product pages. 

Here is Kuling sizing in CM and in inches in the two size charts below. 

SizeAgeHeightChestWaistHipInner leg
500-1 Months50 cm39 cm39 cm39 cm19 cm
561-2 Months56 cm41 cm40.5 cm41 cm21 cm
622-4 Months62 cm43 cm42 cm43 cm23 cm
683-6 Months68 cm45 cm43.5 cm45 cm25 cm
746-9 Months74 cm47 cm45 cm47.5 cm27 cm
809-12 Months80 cm49 cm47 cm49.5 cm30.5 cm
8612-18 Months86 cm51 cm49 cm51.5 cm34 cm
9218-24 Months92 cm53 cm51 cm53.5 cm38 cm
982-3 Years98 cm55 cm52 cm55.5 cm42 cm
1043-4 Years104 cm57 cm54 cm58 cm45.5 cm
1104-5 Years110 cm59 cm56 cm61 cm49 cm
1165-6 Years116 cm61 cm58 cm64 cm52.5 cm
1226-7 Years122 cm64 cm60 cm67 cm55.5 cm
1287-8 Years128 cm67 cm62 cm70 cm58.5 cm
1349 Years134 cm70 cm64 cm73 cm62.5 cm
14010 Years140 cm73 cm66 cm76 cm64.5 cm
14611 Years146 cm64 cm68 cm79 cm67.5 cm
15212 Years152 cm79 cm70 cm82 cm70.5 cm
Kuling Size Chart in Centimeters

SizeAgeHeightChestWaistHipInner leg
500-1 Months19.68 “15.35 “15.35 “15.35 “7.48 “
561-2 Months22.05 “16.14 “15.94 “16.14 “8.27 “
622-4 Months24.41 “16.93 “16.54 “16.93 “9.06 “
683-6 Months26.77 “17.72 “17.13 “17.72 “9.84 “
746-9 Months29.13 “18.5 “17.72 “18.7 “10.63 “
809-12 Months31.5 “19.29 “18.5 “19.49 “12.01 “
8612-18 Months33.86 “20.08 “19.29 “20.28 “13.39 “
9218-24 Months36.22 “20.87 “20.08 “21.06 “14.96 “
982-3 Years38.58 “21.65 “20.47 “21.85 “16.54 “
1043-4 Years40.94 “22.44 “21.26 “22.83 “17.91 “
1104-5 Years43.31 “23.23 “22.05 “24.02 “19.29 “
1165-6 Years45.67 “24.02 “22.83 “25.2 “20.67 “
1226-7 Years48.03 “25.2 “23.62 “26.38 “21.85 “
1287-8 Years50.39 “26.38 “24.41 “27.56 “23.03 “
1349 Years52.76 “27.56 “25.2 “28.74 “24.61 “
14010 Years55.12 “28.74 “25.98 “29.92 “25.39 “
14611 Years57.48 “25.2 “26.77 “31.1 “26.57 “
15212 Years59.84 “31.1 “27.56 “32.28 “27.76 “
Kuling size chart in inches

Does Kuling run true to size? 

In my experience, Kuling runs true to size to a little loose. The best bet is to reference the size guide on the product pages and measure your child if necessary. If in between two sizes, size up.

Is the Kuling brand sustainable? 


Kuling mixes nature with eco-design. Their sweaters and underwear are made of ultra-soft merino wool, and their rain jackets are made from recycled bottles. Stockist, Alex and Alexa, showcase some of their sustainable products like this Kuling rain set.

The BabyShop, a Kuling stockist, highlights the brand as being “Green Page certified”. This is a category created by the company to showcase brands and products that meet sustainability requirements set and controlled either by third-party certifications or their own standards.

What makes Kuling unique? 

Kuling creates clothing for kids who are natural explorers. Many kid brands are designed under the assumption that children won’t get the items dirty or they come with lengthy product care instructions.

Kuling designs items with adventure in mind. Many of the items have elastic cuffs and adjustable, elastic shoulder straps. This allows not only for a great fit, but also keeps rain and snow out of their pants and sleeves.

Is the Kuling snowsuit review decent? How are Kuling brand reviews in general? 

The BabyShop has several high-end snowsuit options for littles. The Kuling “Val D’Isere Snowsuit” won a Best in Test category for the company and is also Green Page certified.

Both Margot and Henry wear  Kuling Val D’Isere snowsuits for Minnesota wintertime. 

They’ve each worn the same red Val D’Isere snowsuit in size 2Y. It is a bit generous in size, but this gives ample room for sweaters and bulky cold weather clothing. After 2 winters of wear, by 2 kids, it looks nearly brand new.

Last winter and this winter, Margot is wearing a Val D’Isere snowsuit in a dusky violet shade. 

Where can you buy Kuling? 

Kuling is offered at several retailers. 


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