Day 10 of 100 Day Dress Challenge

I’ve now worn the same dress for 10 days in a row and feel as though I’ve settled into the wool dress challenge.

I know my day 10 selfie in the Clara dress is thoroughly unglamorous and tacky. But I am not a fashion influencer. I don’t have a minimalist home: spotless walls, tasteful furnishings, and intentional decor like brass geometric objets d’art.

My home is real: messy and midcentury, dated bathrooms, and crayon marks on most walls. The only full length mirror view I have is atop the loo. I think a lot of readers can relate.

I have a tripod and rooms with better lighting (although no full length mirror) but those rooms are full of little people and animals crashing every frame. (Two other heads, one non-human, are cropped out of the second pic.)

Wearing a grey t-shirt (Vetta Capsule!) over the dress. I don’t think it’s an especially organic look: it might look like I’m forcing these garments to go. The tee gets bunched up and does not drape well when you move – anywhere not atop the toilet. If I wear this tee with the Clara dress again, I may add a denim jacket. Or I might try a belt that I can tuck the tee into. Or just live in the bathroom all day.

I wore this outfit to the apple orchard today. It was a somewhat damp (humid air) fall day and I was the perfect temperature all day long – never once too hot or too cold. It was comfortable for chasing after kids in a corn pit (like a ball pit but ten times larger and with giant yellow kernels instead of balls).

No major epiphanies, but ten days in and I feel more sustainable. I’ve ironed my clothes (dress and jeans for day 6) for the first time in several years. And tonight I found myself wiping down my white sneakers with a damp cloth. Cleaning sneakers is a first for me. In some ways, my mindset has shifted: I want to make things last and thoroughly enjoy the sh*t out of them.

My 100 Day Wool Dress Challenge

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