Day 4 of 100 Day Dress Challenge

Four days down, ninety-six days to go. (And only twenty-six more days to go for Margot who is doing the kids’ 30 day wool dress challenge.)

I finally found a layer I liked to wear over the Clara dress. I do have a couple of duster cardigans, but they seemed a bit hot for today’s summery fall weather. And also, my Gen Zer coworkers tell me dusters are out – major cheugy vibes.

The vest I’m wearing isn’t a vest. It’s a white tank from Madewell that I’ve had for a couple of years. (Technically the color is “bright ivory”.) It’s a thicker material with a machine crochet style weave, so it works for the structured, layered look I wanted. I think that exact style is sold out, but it is close to the Parkwood sweater tank that I see on the website right now.

I’ve worn this dress 4 days in a row. It’s survived 30 miles of biking, 1 death threat, 5 wardrobe re-styles, and 2 low-key existential crises.

I like the tank a lot more now. Were it not for the challenge, I would not have thought of wearing it as a vest. I see a lot more ways I want to wear it now all year long, and not just on the odd summer day.

With this challenge, I find that I’m a lot more careful about eating, drinking, and not staining my outfit.

Since Covid, I’ve worked from home. Usually, when I get a smudge of jam or drop of coffee, I peel off the shirt and it’s laundry-bound. I have dozens more tees at home. Easy come, easy go.

But with the focus on making it last all day every day, nothing gets hamper dumped. I spot treat stains (damp cloth with water) and have yet to wash it. After 4 days of wear and 30 miles of cycling, it doesn’t smell. And yes, I’ve perspired in it in the sun.

This challenge is starting to grow on me.

My 100 Day Wool Dress Challenge

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