Day 5 of 100 Day Dress Challenge

Made it through day 5 of 100, wearing the Clara dress as a top today. I wore it with a wool skirt. I hadn’t planned to get this dressy, but it was the only skirt I have with enough length and structure to work with the Clara Wooland dress.

Don’t mind my messy bathroom 100 Day Wool Dress selfie.

Luckily the restroom at work is quite empty these days and no one saw my awkward outfit selfie.

Piano bench haunch-over pose in the Clara dress for my 100 day challenge.

I paired the dress with this Hugo Boss wool skirt. No, I didn’t pay $300 for it. I got it for $10 at a thrift store. Since it has a Rent the Runway barcode sticker inside the waistline, and other telltale signs of couture quality, I’m pretty sure it’s the real deal.

Embarrassingly, I scored this skirt eons ago and today was my first day wearing it. And I wore black heels with my ensemble that I had not worn since pregnant with my 2-year-old son. (They were recommended as comfy footwear for the third trimester. They were not comfortable then, but feel fantastic now in my non-expectant state.)

The skirt is a little bit loose on me (notice my hand holding it up) so I may get it hemmed. I am not about to hack away at this with my sewing machine. It’s wool! And lined! And I’d have to get a different needle to punch through a fabric this thick.

It took me 4 days to get in step with the challenge and actually not dislike it. Day 5, I think I’m into the wool dress challenge now. I might try to wear it as a top with shorts.

More weird bathroom selfies will follow. Earlier today, I took a number of bathroom mirror selfies at home and in the ladies’ room at work. And there’s also one of me standing on the piano bench with the phone propped up and me hunched over the phone screen. (I have accouterment to take better selfies with a tripod but find that process to be all extra. I just want a quick and easy go-with-the-flow pic. For now.)

My 100 Day Dress Challenge


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