Days 6, 7, 8, and 9 of 100 Day Dress Challenge

Here are the pics of the same wool dress worn over the last 4 days straight.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up my daily posting cadence for the 100 Day Wool Challenge, but I think it’s because I’m finding myself genuinely enjoying it. I’m spending my time going about activities, and not opining the challenge. It’s just not been at the forefront as much as it was during the first handful of days.

I’m trying hard to make my hair have a middle part. Every morning, I fix it with a middle part. But then I take the challenge pic and see my hair got stuck in the aughts and the side part’s never going to give.

Major Pros and Cons Over Days 6 to 9

It’s gone smoother, but there have been some highs and lows over the past 4 days.

Dress Challenge Pros

+ I’m wearing more of my wardrobe! Since I have to wear the same dress every day, I need to find different ways to style it. I’m reaching for pieces I rarely wear, like the sash from my OddBird linen robe or the striped navy, blue, and white skirt

+ I tried styling the dress with jeans and decided it works as a shirt. Having a shirt option gives the dress more wardrobe versatility.

+ It’s nice getting in bed at night knowing what I’ll wear tomorrow. I don’t always know how I plan to style the outfit, but I know the core of it. (When I’d wake up with an outfit plan – pre-challenge – I’d find myself going for jeans, a tee, and a messy bun.)

+ I feel good – about how I look (taking time to put myself together) and that I’m accomplishing something difficult. This has translated into increased confidence and work productivity.

+ My daughter loves that she is doing the kids’ wool dress challenge with me. She gets up excited every morning to wear her wool dress too.

Dress Challenge Cons

– It’s still summer weather and too hot for long bike rides. I rode my bike in the dress (with jeans) 18 miles roundtrip to the bike shop on Thursday and it was hot and sticky. I think a short sleeve or tank wool dress would have been better. The Clara dress is the heaviest cut offered.

– The dress gets really wrinkled when you wear it as a top tucked into pants. After some hesitancy and Internet research, I did iron it. I put a clean pillowcase over the dress for added fabric protection and put the iron on the wool setting. All the skirt wrinkles came out easily with no damage to the dress. The sleeve wrinkles seem a bit more set in.

My 100 Day Dress Challenge

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