All About Veja Kids’ Shoes

VEJA is a premium shoe brand established in Brazil with sustainability at the forefront of the brand. They are on a mission to reinvent the sneaker with one foot in design and the other in social responsibility.  

With unique marketing, impressive sustainability measures, and the approval of Royals, VEJA is a brand to be on the lookout for. 

What is Veja?

Established in 2005, VEJA has been leading the way in eco-friendly shoe design. They have been buying organic cotton directly from farmers in Brazil and Peru for 18 years, respecting fair trade principles. VEJA is also working to enhance the economic value of the rainforest and protect it. Since one of the primary raw materials for VEJA is Amazonian rubber, they buy directly from cooperatives formed by families of rubber tappers. They also purchase the rubber at a premium (4x the market price) to support producer families and provide the workers with good jobs and living conditions.

VEJA is also committed to ensuring people with disabilities have jobs and professional opportunities. Since the beginning, VEJA has been committed to entrusting its logistics to vulnerable, disabled, and sometimes socially excluded people. In 2021, 163 employees recognized as disabled workers were supported by Log’ins (VEJA’S logistics company). 

Interestingly enough, VEJA does not spend money on advertising. Since they use high quality and eco-friendly materials, their shoes cost 5-7 times more to produce than their competitors. By not paying for advertising, they are able to keep their price point similar to competitors. For more extensive information about their sustainability efforts and other projects, you can read “The VEJA Project”.

Is Veja a luxury brand?

Yes, VEJA is considered a luxury brand due to their high-quality materials, price point and retailers. 

Why is Veja so popular now? How did Veja become so popular?

VEJA has been an established brand since 2005, but has recently been given the Royal stamp of approval when Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were spotted wearing them in highly publicized events. Other celebrities have been spotted wearing them too, and with the iconic “V” on the side they are easy to spot. 

They are also a very classic and sleek trainer that will stay in style for years to come. With people wanting to buy more sustainable and quality pieces for their wardrobes, a nice sneaker is definitely a staple piece. 

How do you pronounce Veja Sneakers?

The pronunciation can be slightly tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it rolls off your tongue. It is pronounced “ve-ja”, rhyming with “Deja” like in “deja vu”. 

If you need a YouTube tutorial (like I did), you can watch the linked video.

Does Kate Middleton wear Veja trainers?

Yes! Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing VEJA trainers several times since 2021. She famously sported the white with gold metallic shoes on a visit to Scotland in 2021 where she paired them with a smart casual black suit and a white striped shirt. Middleton is famous for re-wearing outfits and her VEJA trainers are no exception. She has been spotted multiple times over the past few years with the same pair in her rotation.

Which Veja did Meghan Markle wear?

Meghan Markle first wore the VEJA’S brand back in 2018, really putting the brand on the map for worldwide fame and sensation. She wore the V-10 sneakers in black on a royal engagement to Australia. 

What country are Veja shoes from? 

VEJA uses Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for the canvas and laces, Amazonian rubber for the soles, and various other innovative materials.

VEJA sneakers are manufactured in high-standard factories in the Northeast and Southern parts of Brazil. VEJA utilizes factories where ILO rules are followed:

  • Proximity and quality of housing
  • Freedom to form groups to defend rights
  • Standard of living and purchasing power parity 
  • Employee benefits and freedom of expression

What does Veja mean in English?

VEJA is Portuguese for “look” in English.  

Are Veja toddler safe? 

Yes, VEJA’S are safe for toddlers. They use eco-friendly materials by using organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyester. VEJA is the first sneaker brand to use fabric entirely made from recycled plastic bottles.

Their entire leather kids’ collection is made ChromeFree. This means no chromes, heavy metals, or dangerous acids are involved. By simplifying the tanning process, the use of chemicals and energy is limited, the use of water is reduced by about 40%, and the use of salt by 80%. After tanning, the water is recyclable. 

Are Vejas uncomfortable? 

As with any shoe, they take a little bit to break in. The reviews are pretty mixed on if they are comfortable or not. Some people complained about general discomfort or the tongue of the shoe and said they had to return them. Other people had no issues. As with any shoe, different styles may fit differently. 

Should I go up or down a size in Vejas?

Reviews recommend that if you are between sizes, you go down a size. 

Does Veja do half sizes? 

No. VEJA is only available in full sizes.

Veja kids’ size chart

VEJA provides a comprehensive size guide for each style of shoe. They recommend you measure before buying to ensure you get the proper fit. If you have any questions about sizing, you can contact them directly before placing your order.

Are Veja shoes waterproof? 

No, VEJA shoes are not waterproof. Some styles have a waterproof mesh insert, but the canvas or leather used for the body of the shoe is not waterproof. VEJA has instructions on how to maintain and keep your shoes clean.

How do you style Veja shoes?

Styling VEJA shoes is incredibly easy since they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Many people wear VEJA’S as their everyday shoes with jeans and a t-shirt. Other people dress them up with a dress and a leather jacket for a cool, but casual vibe (think drinks out with girlfriends or even a trip to a local museum). You can also go the Middleton route and wear them with a smart casual suit for an extremely chic look that would transition well from work to happy hour.

Where can I buy Veja kids’ shoes? 

VEJA kids’ shoes are available at a variety of large and smaller retailers. 

Are Vejas ever on sale? When is there a Veja Kids sale?

Yes! VEJA has an outlet on their website with adult and kid shoes on sale. Follow their Instagram or Facebook to make sure you do not miss out on a sale. 


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