All About Silly Silas

Silly Silas aims to capture the laughter of children playing outside on the streets of former Czechoslovakia and is reminiscent of comfort and durability. 

Silly Silas organic tights are traditionally produced in small workshops in the Czech Republic where the tradition of tights for children has run strong for many generations. They are produced by artisans who have been perfecting their craft for decades.

What is Silly Silas? 

Founded by Terezia Prazska, Silly Silas was created on the foundation of tradition and nostalgia.

When Prazska first had her son Elias, her mom gave her a pair of traditional tights with braces and she instantly fell in love with the style. She learned they were very popular in Czechoslovakia in the 1950’s and 1960’s. While she was not born in that era, she immediately wanted to bring them back for her children. Appreciating the no-fuss simplicity of the tights, Prazska set out to create her own while paying homage to the original style, and Silly Silas was born.

Silly Silas tights are manufactured in a traditional, small production factory in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic. They are made with vintage and traditional technology to ensure they are 100% cotton and free from added elastane. Each pair is carefully checked and after the last stitch is sewn they are placed on a heated baby leg form. Finally, they are folded and packaged for their new homes. A small and traditional manufacturing process is very important to the brand to preserve the craft and uniqueness of vintage production shops.

What does Silly Silas sell? 

Silly Silas sells different styles of tights with braces for babies and children. 

  • Footed Tights  – Retro ribbed look, which is their classic garment. They are made with 100% organic cotton. 
  • Footless Tights – Retro ribbed look without feet. These are perfect for mid-temp days and made from 100% organic cotton. 
  • Shorty Tights – Made with 100% organic cotton, these are perfect for warmer days due to the breathability of the fabric 
  • Teddy Warmy Tights – Ideal for colder weather with a soft teddy bear look, they are made with 78% organic cotton, 18% polyamide, and 4% Lycra fiber. 

What sizes does Silly Silas carry?

Silly Silas carries sizes 0m-3y. They recommend you review their size chart before ordering. Because of tights’ unique fit, they do age-based sizing.

46-500-2 months
52-563-6 months
62-686-12 months
74-801-2 years
86-952-3 years
Silly Silas Size Chart

Is the Silly Silas size chart true to size? 

Silly Silas tights run a bit bigger. They recommend you follow the age reference guide instead of typical size when determining what to order.

If you have any size questions, they encourage you to contact their team at

Where is Silly Silas sold?  

Silly Silas is sold online and in a few select stores worldwide. To ensure you are buying from an approved stockist, it is recommended you check their website. A few trusted retailers who do stock the label include:

  • Milk+Bots
  • Oh Baby! 
  • Mama Owl 
  • Sugarloaf 

Is there a Silly Silas Amazon store? 

No. There is no store for Silly Silas on Amazon. There may be third-party sellers, but at the time of this article’s publication I was unable to find authentic Silly Silas on Amazon. 

Is there a Silly Silas discount code? 

I was unable to find any codes or a newsletter to sign up for, but I recommend you follow their Instagram and Facebook for the latest drop information or discount codes in the future. 

If you shop for Silly Silas on Milkbots, you can save $15 off your first purchase with this referral link.

Can I buy Silly Silas wholesale? 

If you’re a retailer, you can contact Silly Silas about stocking their label. But general shoppers cannot buy Silly Silas at wholesale pricing. For business inquiries, email


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