All About Hugo Loves Tiki

Established in 2014, Hugo Loves Tiki is a fun and vibrant line of European-inspired baby, children, and adult clothing, made with the consumer’s safety and health in mind. They aim to produce garments that minimize environmental impact and maximize style.

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What is Hugo Loves Tiki? 

Bright and loud aesthetics are part of Hugo Loves Tiki’s signature look. The modern and maximalist clothing is designed in the United States and has playful prints and patterns to add color to any outfit. Founder and designer, Cheyenne Couch was born in California, raised in Indiana, and experienced life in England, Europe, NYC, and Chicago, which has inspired her design aesthetics. 

The brand is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has two sister brands.

How did Hugo Loves Tiki get started? 

Founder and designer, Cheyenne was first inspired to create the brand when her son Hugo was just a baby. She lived with her mom who had a lot of rescue animals and the only animal that would come close to Hugo was a cat named Tiki. They quickly became inseparable and that is how the name came to be.

Couch was born in California, raised in Indiana, and experienced life in England, Europe, NYC, and Chicago, which has greatly influenced her design choices and aesthetics. With no prior design background and education, Couch wasn’t sure she had the skills to create a clothing company. However, she was inspired by the world of mismatching prints and her previous travels where she aspired to be part of the world where color and no rules were celebrated. 

Hugo Loves Tiki was established in early 2014 and started as a DIY screen print brand that created shirts that resembled foreign language flash cards. She hoped that children who wore these flash card shirts would become more interested in other languages and traveling outside the country. By October 2014, the brand moved to a fully manufactured children’s clothing brand, but still maintained the same aesthetics of the DIY screen printing with the loud and vibrant prints.

Is Hugo Loves Tiki sustainable? 

Yes! Sustainability is at the forefront of the brand and all items with cotton are 100% organic. 

Hugo Loves Tiki garments are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified which is the world’s leading product label for the measure of harmful substances in textiles. The Standard 100 label ensures that every component of the article (every thread, button, and accessory) has been tested for harmful substances and the article, therefore, is harmless for human health. 

Their garments are also GOTS-certified which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This certification ensures the textiles and clothing are completely organic, at every part of the process; from sowing and harvesting of raw materials, to the full finished product. This includes everything from agriculture, harvesting, production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, and branding. 

GOTS certification is the most recognized certification of organic textiles worldwide. GOTS certification is important to the brand, because it not only ensures the garments are safe for the consumer, but also protects the farmers harvesting the materials, factory workers, and the environment. 

What makes Hugo Loves Tiki unique? 

Hugo Loves Tiki is not your typical children’s clothing brand. Immediately upon viewing the website, you get the vibe that this brand is all about fun. Bright colors and fun prints; like a sweatshirt with a pickle, are all standard at Hugo Loves Tiki. 

What does Hugo Loves Tiki sell? 

Hugo Loves Tiki sells a variety of apparel items for babies, children, and adults. Some of the items include: 

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • One Piece
  • Swimwear
  • Dresses
  • Loungewear
  • Accessories
  • Stationery
My own little weirdos have worn a few of these Hugo Loves Tiki prints.

What sizes does Hugo Loves Tiki carry? 

Hugo Loves Tiki carries baby, children, and adult sizes. 

  • Baby 0-24m
  • Children 2-12y
  • Adult XS-XXL

How does Hugo Loves Tiki sizing run? 

Hugo Loves Tiki appears to run true to size and they include a size chart on every product page. It seems some collections before FW2018 ran differently. Le Petit Organic noted that the FW2018 collection ran true to size and that Hugo Loves Tiki had resized some of their categories.

I would recommend measuring your child according to the size guide listed on the product listing to ensure a proper fit. 

There is a size guide for each Hugo Loves Tiki garment on the retailer’s webpage. 

My Own Mom Experience with Hugo Loves Tiki Sizing 

I’ve owned a number of Hugo Loves Tiki garments for Henry and Margot. Some pieces were purchased brand new and others gently used from buy sell grade groups. In some instances I’ve found the brand to run quite large (especially when the material contains spandex). In other instances, I’ve found Hugo Loves Tiki to run very true to size. 

For form-fitting garments (like terry rompers and tanks), I prefer to size up for extended wear. For baggy fit cuts or materials containing spandex, I would not hesitate to buy current age sizing. 

Hugo Loves Tiki uses age-based sizing. A size 2Y should fit a 2-year-old and a size 6Y should fit a 6-year-old. If your child is larger or smaller for their age, sizing up or down would be appropriate. 

I have found age-based size charts to be reliable for clothing brands in general, however, my kids are 4 and 2 years old. As they get older, age-based sizing may become less accurate.  

Is Banana Valentine the same thing as Hugo Loves Tiki? 

No, Banana Valentine is a sister brand to Hugo Loves Tiki. They feature soft quirky organic prints for newborn-12y and moms.

When you shop Hugo Loves Tiki (HLT) on the retailers’ website, you can shop Banana Valentine too. The Banana Valentine collection was recently integrated with all HLT shop pages when previously you had to shop Banana Valentine separately.

Is Romey Loves Lulu the same thing as Hugo Loves Tiki? 

No, Romey Loves Lulu is a sister brand to Hugo Loves Tiki that launched in Fall/Winter 2018. The line features organic cotton in abstract digital photographic prints like; cereal, Ramen noodles, sprinkles, and more. They boast “weird clothes for little weirdos”. 

When you shop Hugo Loves Tiki (HLT) on the retailers’ website, you can shop Romey Loves Lulu too. Romey Loves Lulu garments was recently integrated with all HLT shop pages. Previously, you had to shop for the Romey Loves Lulu label separately.

When is there a Hugo Loves Tiki sale? How can you save money? 

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You can shop Hugo Loves Tiki sale items on the sale section of the retailer’s website.

Hugo Loves Tiki (HLT) has a rewards program where you can purchase, earn points, and get free HLT money to use on products. You can earn free points just for birthdays and following their social media accounts. 

A unique thing about Hugo Loves Tiki is they offer “Promise Pieces”, which are garments that have a slight imperfection due to the printing process. Instead of just discarding them, Hugo Loves Tiki offers them for sale at a deep discount. All Promise Pieces have a description of the printing issue and pictures so you know what you’re getting.  

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Where can you get a Hugo Loves Tiki promo code? 

Hugo Loves Tiki offers a 15% off coupon code when you sign up to receive text messages. 

You can get a Hugo Loves Tiki promo code to get $5 free off your purchase when you make your first purchase with this Hugo Loves Tiki referral link.

Many retailers will offer a promo code by signing up for the newsletter or their text community. 

Can you do Hugo Loves Tiki returns? 

Unfortunately, no. Hugo Loves Tiki only allows exchanges for defects. A photo of the defect and email are required within a week of delivery for an exchange. Sizing issues will not be returned or exchanged due to measurements being listed on every garment. 

Where can you buy Hugo Loves Tiki? Where are there Hugo Loves Tiki retailers?

Hugo Loves Tiki is available at some great retailers in the United States and worldwide. 

  • Milk + Bots (Milkbots)
  • SpearmintLOVE
  • Green Hearts Pink
  • Junior Edition
  • My Little Celeb
  • Mini Cycle 
  • Sugar Paper Blue
  • Design Life Kids  

The Hugo Loves Tiki website and Milk Bots are my two go-to places to buy the label. I’ve found a number of past season deals on MilkBots and you can save $15 off your first purchase at this online children’s boutique with this Milkbots referral link.


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