All About Candylab Toys

Candylab Toys sells beautiful, wood vintage toys with a classic Americana twist. I discovered the brand online about a year ago when Santa Claus looped me in. It’s been true love ever since.

I love mid-century charm and retro-inspired minimalism. Candylab Toys deliver on both in a big way: airstream RVs and trailers, woodie station wagons, taco food trucks, and more. It’s truly a feast for the eyes.

Everything is super well-crafted. Both Henry and Margot love playing with their Candylab trucks and cars, and I just enjoy looking at them. (The toys that is. But the kids are nice too.) It’s like the happy childhood you (never) had. 

While heirloom-quality, Americana toys sound pricey, Candylab is quite affordable. Many cars are $10 to $25 each. 

Since Candylab Toys holds a special place in my heart, I wanted to find out a bit more about the brand. Find out how to shop Candylab Toys, common FAQs, and how to find sales and deals .

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What is Candylab Toys? 

Candylab Toys is a premium, American toy company that makes modern wooden toys for “contemporary” humans.

Candylab Toys is what happens when a bunch of geeky parents, designers, engineers, and gearheads come together. Their “enthusiastic mission” is to create the “best wooden toy vehicles on the market”. 

Candylab Toys are just that. No electronics or buttons required for play. Just your imagination.

But beyond that, Candylab Toys is modern luxury that’s affordable for all parents. The toys look and feel luxurious because they are. These wood vintage toys boast art collector good looks but pricing starts at just $10.

This shocked me when I discovered the brand. Based on the product images and descriptors, I was sure the products would cost four to five times more.

Who is the Candylab Toys founder? 

Candylab Toys was founded in 2013 by Vlad Dragusin. Obsessed with old-school cars, Dragusin set out to revive the glamorous vibe of the 1950’s and literally carve that aesthetic into toys.

Dragusin is an architect who has always been passionate about design and creation. As a child he loved building boats and car models and toy buildings. Architecture was a natural stepping stone.

Well into his architect journey, Dragusin began crafting vintage cars. It started as a hobby, linked to his interest in woodworking, mid-century design and toys.

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Modern Midcentury Modernism

Nearly ten years and several Kickstarter campaigns later, Candylab is killing it. The line-up has crafted dozens of unique cars including taxicabs, retro station wagons (with roof mounted surfboards), food trucks, taxi cabs, police cruisers, camper vans, and more. You’ll even find bespoke vehicles in its repertoire.

All Candylab Toys are authentic, chosen based on their connection to retro American culture.

What does Candylab Toys sell?

Candylab Toys sells mid-century Americana in the form of  cool, classic wooden toy cars, trucks, and accessories. 

Some of Candylab Toys’ featured products include: 

  • Racers (including the Carbon 77 or GT-10)
  • Cruisers
  • Woodies 
  • Longhorn Trucks 
  • Off-Roaders (including Drifters and Cotswolds)
  • Big Trucks
  • Food Trucks
  • RV’s 
  • Trailers

CANDYCAR vehicles are about 3.5 inches in length vs full-size Americana vehicles that are around 7 inches in length. CANDYCAR wooden vehicles have the same retro aesthetic and minimalist lines. The CANDYCAR line has many of the same vehicles in the Americana line-up. It also features unique offerings like food trucks, food stands, and bespoke automobiles like the New York Times newspaper delivery truck.

Candylab Toys also sells apparel items too. 

What age is Candylab Toys for?

The Candylab Toys website states products are intended for children 3 years and older. 

My son Henry did enjoy playing with Candylab Toys from 18 months onward, but he has only played with them under my supervision. 

Where are Candylab Toys made?

According to a blog article on the Candylab Toys website, Candylab Toys are made in China by a handful of carefully selected families who specialize in woodworking.These families have a history of expert woodworking and craftsmanship. 

Pre-Covid, US brand reps made frequent visits to their manufacturers to ensure all production standards were rigorously met. Those visits and audits are resuming now. 

Small runs or limited release runs are produced in Pennsylvania and New York. 

Vehicles are decorated with water-based paint and sealed in a clear urethane coat. All toys are safety tested for US standards as well as European Union, Australian, and New Zealand regulations.


What are Candylab Toys made of? 

Candylab Toy vehicles are made of all-natural wood, metal, rubber, and non-toxic paints. More specifically, Candylab Toys utilizes solid beech wood responsibly harvested.

Wood is chosen in an effort to reduce plastic consumption and create less waste. Whenever possible, CandyLab Toys uses biodegradable and renewable materials.  

All packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard and uses non-toxic ink. In the fight for a green future, Candylab Toys is one of the good guys.

Will Candylab Toys break?  

Candylab Toys are built to last. Barehanded, it would be awfully hard for you or your child to break a Candlyab toy. Apart from removing the rubber tires or chipping a small corner, there isn’t much damage they can do. 

If something does break or come loose, let Candylab Toys know and they will send a replacement. The fastest way to do this is to send an email to

Scuffs, dents, or scratches will happen with everyday play – I can state this with firsthand experience. However, Candylab Toys doesn’t consider normal wear to be a defect. Little imperfections make Candylab happy; it means you’re playing with their toys instead of keeping them on display shelves. 

How can I save money on Candylab Toys? Is there a Candylab Toys discount code? 

Candylab Toys offers a number of ways for you to save on your toy purchase. 

  • Get $15 free at Candylab Toys! Save $15 when you visit Candylab Toys with this referral link. Please note that it takes 3-4 seconds for the popup box (lower right corner) to load offering you a free $15 coupon. 
  • Sign up for the email newsletter and save 10% on your first purchase. 
  • Shop the sale page on Candylab Cars. Save 5% to 20% off select vehicles and merchandise. 
  • Wait for major sales holidays. Black Friday, for example, has remarkably good deals on Candylab toys. 
  • Look for a Candylab Toys discount page directly on the website. If there is a current promo code, it will be prominently featured. 

Candylab Toys is also sold on  Maisonette and Amazon. While you will virtually always find better deals and better selection on Candylab’s website, some shoppers prefer Maisonette or Amazon to make their Candylab Toys purchase. 


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