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Reima is a high-end children’s brand that sells everything kids need for all-season outdoor play. Their raincoats, snowsuits, and winter outerwear are especially popular. Reima has won praise from parents and industry critics around the globe for the brand’s quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Reima is sold in 50 countries and continues to grow in popularity.

What is Reima clothing?

Reima is an award-winning line of active kidswear. Since 1944, Reima has created jackets, boots, and other gear needed for kids to explore the world outdoors – no matter the weather. 

Reima was founded in 1944 in the small town of Kankaanpaa, Finland. It got its start by repurposing old army uniforms into safe, functional, and comfortable outdoor clothing for families — with a special interest in children’s wear.

Over the years, Reima has made improvements in durability, style, and innovation. It has perfected rugged clothing that is flame retardant, waterproof, and insulated to withstand the iciest of temperatures.

It has roots as a family brand, but since the 2000’s Reims has focused solely on children’s clothing.

And while Reima has had an international presence since Soviet times, in the 2010’s Reima began its rapid expansion into the global market.

Is Reima sustainable? 

Yes! From Reima’s start as a manufacturer recycling old military garments into children’s camping and outdoor clothing, Reima has been a sustainable brand.

Reima uses recycled origin materials, including polyester, for a smaller carbon footprint. Polyester is used heavily because of its durable and versatile construction.

Right now, 80% of Reima’s outdoor apparel is made with recycled fabrics. The goal is to reach 100% by 2025. This means that many Reima jackets and snow pants are made out of recycled, single-use plastic bottles.

Reima also uses recycled origin fabrics that are Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified. This certification verifies the origins of all raw materials and ensures their responsible production.

Additionally, a rising share of Reima synthetic fabrics are Bluesign approved. This approval means materials used follow strict criteria for safe and responsible chemical management. Since its autumn/winter 2022 collection, all Reima brand insulation has been Bluesign approved and made from 100% recycled materials.

For natural cloth garments, Reima uses organic cotton that is GOTS certified and wool that is RWS certified.

Who owns Reima? 

Reima is owned by Riverside Company, a private equity firm based in New York. They acquired Reima in July 2011 from Vaaka Partners

Is Reima Finnish? 

Joo! That’s Finnish for “yes”! Reima began as an army uniform manufacturing company over 80 years ago in Helsinki, Finland.

In 1939 operations moved to Kankaanpaa to find shelter from air raids. Starting in 1944, factory owners shifted productions from army uniforms to outdoor clothing for children and families. With material shortages, they recycled old uniforms into new outerwear apparel. 

Today, Reima still operates in Finland as a deeply Finnish brand. It is a leading Nordic activewear label that encourages children in Finland and beyond to explore their world with curiosity, no matter the weather.


Where is Reima made?

Since the 1990’s, Reima has been manufactured in China. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, a number of Finnish textile companies went bankrupt. Reima shifted its production operations to stay afloat. 

Reima is committed to sustainable, responsible sourcing of materials and garment production, including use of recycled polyester materials, GOTS certified organic cotton, and RWS certified wool. 


What does Reima sell?

Reima sells premium performance outerwear for babies and children ages 0 to 12. From sunny days to ice and snow, Reima is committed to helping kids discover the joy of being outdoors. Their high-quality apparel lets children comfortably explore their world in any kind of weather.

Some of the apparel and accessory items that Reima sells include: 

  • Ski jackets and winter jackets
  • Rain coats 
  • Rain pants and rain suits 
  • Snow pants and snowsuits 
  • Swimsuits 
  • Pants, joggers, and shorts 
  • Dresses
  • T-Shirts 
  • Sweatshirts and fleeces
  • Base layers 
  • Hats, mittens, and gloves
  • Socks 
  • Sandals and water shoes
  • Rain boots and winter boots 
  • Booties 
  • Buntings
  • Onesies 

Does Reima run small? How is Reima sizing?

Reima gear runs big. The brand notes on its website that “all Reima products run about one size larger than traditional US sizes so ordering your child’s current size is [already] like ordering a size up”.

This means that Reima gives your child ample room to grow. This also gives plenty of room for bulky clothing and base layers.

Here are Reima size guides: 

Reima Size Guide for 3M – 5Y: US, CA, and EU Sizes
Reima Size Guide for 6Y – 14Y: Sizing for US, CA, EU

You can also find size charts on the Reima website for: double size items (i.e 5-6 year), slim fit garments, booties, boots, hats, gloves, and mittens. 

Are Reima jackets warm? 

Yes! Reima jackets are toasty warm – or as warm as you need them to be. Reima’s warmest winter jacket, the Serkku down parka, is waterproof, highly breathable, dirt-repellent, and insulated to handle temperatures 10 to -30 °C. (That’s 14 to -22 ° in Fahrenheit.) 

Is Reima a Canadian company? 

No, Reima is a Nordic company. Reima is Finnish to be precise and has made sustainable, high-quality children’s outerwear since 1944. 

This is a common question about the label because of Reima’s popularity in North America and Canada’s famously cold winters. 

And although Reima is Finnish, nearly 90% of its garment sales are generated in Canada, the United States, and other countries outside of Finland.

Does Reima ship to Canada?

Yes! Reima ships to Canada, the U.S., and dozens of other countries outside of Scandinavia. Reima ships North American orders from facilities based in the United States and Canada. For this reason, it’s possible for your order to be split into multiple deliveries.

Reima shipping to Canada

For orders of $150 CAN or greater, shipping is free. Otherwise standard shipping is $15 CAN. Orders are dispatched within 3-5 days.  

Reima shipping to U.S.

Reima ships to U.S. customers through a combination of different carriers, primarily USPS, UPS, and Fedex. Standard ground shipping is free on orders of $75 USD or more. For orders below that, there is an $8.50 USD flat shipping charge.

From the date your order is placed, it typically takes 3-10 days for you to receive your order. 

Where can you buy Reima? 

You can purchase Reima directly on its website or from outdoor retailers and upscale children’s boutiques that carry the Reima label. 

Reima has many stockists including: 

How can I get a Reima promo code?

Get a Reima promo code for 10% off your first order (+ free shipping) when you sign up for the Reima newsletter on the Reima website. 

Other retailers who stock Reima also offer discounts off your first order when you sign up for their email newsletter and/or text messages. These retailers also run generous sitewide discounts for Black Friday and you can save with a site specific promo code for your purchase of Reima.



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