All About L’Amour Shoes

L’Amour Shoes crafts beautiful shoes for babies, boys, and girls. For over 30 years, the brand has created vintage style shoes for modern kids on the move. L’Amour shoes are durable, stylish, and have a timeless feel. Their designs can go with any era and any fashion style, making it easy to pass on L’Amour Shoes to younger siblings and generations beyond.

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What is L’Amour Shoes? 

L’Amour Shoes is a stylish line of footwear, with an ageless feel, for babies and kids.

Since 1987, L’Amour Shoes has brought a fresh spin on classic children’s shoes. L’Amour continually reinterprets old-school classics – like Mary Janes, crib shoes, cognac lace-ups, and boat shoes. 

L’Amour Shoes’ modern reinterpretation means wider toe boxes, flexible rubber soles so dress shoes can take flight, and easy-fasten velcro straps.  

My daughter Margot has owned a number of L’Amour Shoes. The T-strap Mary Janes have fun, perforated embellishments. And she can easily get them on and off herself. 

I love how durable and versatile L’Amour shoes are. They go with any outfit and withstand anything. 

Most L’Amour shoes are made of leather with other select styles made out of softer suede, shearling, or canvas. 

What does L’Amour Shoes sell?

L’Amour sells stylish and classic-yet-contemporary footwear for babies and kids. 

  • T-Strap Mary Janes
  • Classic Perforated Mary Janes
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Flats
  • Saddle Shoes
  • Lace-Ups
  • Booties
  • Crib Shoes

What sizes does L’Amour carry? 

L’Amour carries a full range of footwear for babies and kids. 

  • Babies 1-3
  • Toddlers 4-13
  • Kids 1-5

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How does L’Amour sizing run? Are L’Amour Shoes true to size? 

In my experience with the brand, L’Amour Shoes run true to size to a little bit large.  

In product descriptions on the website, L’Amour Shoes makes note of any styles that run large. Their girls’ sandals, for example, run a full size larger. 

In terms of width, L’Amour Shoes fits medium and wide feet well. Both of my kids have wide feet, and L’Amour Shoes is one of the few brands that fits their feet comfortably. L’Amour Shoes do not come in sizes specifically designated as “wide width”, but many of their styles have a spacious toe box with lots of flex.

For “extra wide width” feet, L’Amour Shoes may or may not work – I don’t have firsthand experience with that size. You could try purchasing an all-leather style and stretching them with a leather stretch spray and a shoe stretcher insert. Some people also have good luck using a hairdryer to stretch leather shoes.

Here are the sizing charts for L’Amour Shoes. Find your shoe size based on style and foot length.

L’Amour Size Chart: Girls’ Mary Janes for Toddlers 5-13 and Kids 1-4 

L’Amour Size Chart for Girls’ Sandals: Toddler 5-13 and Girls 1-2 

L’Amour Size Chart for Girls’ Sneakers: Toddler 5-13 and Kids 1-2 

L’Amour Size Chart for Older Girls’ Boots: Toddler 7-13 and Kids 1-4 

L’Amour Size Chart for Toddler Girls and Little Girls’ Boots: Toddler Size 4-13 and Kids 1-2 

L’Amour Size Chart for Boys’ Lace-Up Shoes: Toddler 7-13 and Kids 1-2 

L’Amour Size Chart for Boys’ Sneakers: Toddler 5-13 and Kids 1-2 

L’Amour Size Chart for Boys’ Boots: Toddler 5-13 and Kids 1-2

L’Amour Size Chart for Boys’ Sandals: Toddler 7-13 and Kids 1-2 

L’Amour Size for Baby Shoes: Baby 1-3 and Toddler 4-7 

Are L’Amour Shoes reviews any good?

L’Amour Shoe reviews are excellent. On Amazon, the red leather T-strap Mary Janes have a review score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. 73% of reviewers give the shoes a perfect score. 

Reviewers state they love the shoe’s whimsical style (traditional yet modern), durability, and how easy it is to put the shoes on and off. 

I’ve tried a number of different brands, including See Kai Run and Livie & Luca, and L’Amour Shoes are my favorite ones for Margot. 

I appreciate the shoe’s roomy toe box that can accommodate a wider foot and that they offer something different on the children’s footwear market. 

Most children’s shoes have unicorns, dinosaurs, sequins, and light-up heels. They are often cheaply made and not built to last beyond one child or one season. L’Amour shoes are heirloom-tough and they come in versatile colors and styles that will stand the test of time.

How can I get a L’Amour Shoes promo code? 

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Occasionally there may be a L’Amour Shoes discount code available for special promotions. When there is an eligible L’Amour Shoes promo code, it is featured prominently on the website. 

Third party retailers who stock L’Amour Shoes may also offer discount codes for email newsletter registration or special sales.

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Where can I buy L’Amour shoes? Who sells L’Amour Shoes? 

You can buy L’Amour Shoes directly from the L’Amour website or from an authorized stockist. A number of upscale retailers sell L’Amour shoes including: 


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