All About See Kai Run

See Kai Run is all about a wagon – with a story behind it.

The story goes back to Seattle 2004 when mom, Cause Haun, set out to find the right shoes for her young son. She wanted to find well-designed shoes that promoted healthy foot development without having to sacrifice style. Not finding anything on the market, See Kai Run was born.

See Kai Run shoes are built for serious play and that’s what its wagon logo represents. Even the dressiest of dress shoes have superb cushioning and grip for running, leaping, and non-stop twirling. You can find the wagon logo on the heel or tongue of all See Kai Run footwear. 

What is See Kai Run? 

See Kai Run is a premier, Seattle-based line of shoes and footwear for babies and kids. The brand boasts urban style with Pacific Northwest flair. With its iconic wagon logo imprinted on shoe soles, See Kai Run shoes are instantly recognizable.

Since its founding in 2004, the brand has been all about giving children’s feet the best fit possible and recognizing that babies and kids have different footwear needs than adults. 

See Kai Runs shoes are specially engineered to prompt balance and healthy foot development, including gait, stride, wiggle room for toes, bone development, and building strong muscles and tendons. 

All shoes have wide openings for easy on and off and secure closures for a snug and comfortable fit. Additionally, See Kai Run shoes have the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) seal of approval

Beyond being an orthopedically correct fit, See Kai run shoes are just plain fun. The colors, patterns, and designs are joyful. My daughter had See Kai Run sneakers in a stylish chambray with a wildflower print. My son has owned cool high-top sneakers in different solid color blocs.

You can also find artistic and unique prints like caterpillars, bugs, spaceships, and licensed prints too.  

I’m not really a sneaker-head. I appreciate that See Kai Run sneakers and other shoes aren’t thick and heavy. They’re lightweight and fashionable while still built for running and outdoor play.

Where does the name “See Kai Run” come from? 

The name “See Kai Run” is a reference to the founders’ oldest son Kai. Husband and wife founders, Gang Chen and Cause Haun, created the brand from the basement of their Seattle home in 2004 when their son Kai was learning how to walk. 

When Haun couldn’t find shoes on the market that met her criteria for sturdiness and style, she and her husband decided to make the right shoes themselves.

Within a few years of launching the brand, See Kai Run was winning praise for innovation and creativity. In 2009, See Kai Run was ranked 196 on Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing, privately owned companies in the US.   

And while you can’t credit a catchy name with the brand’s success, a brand named after your child certainly has a nice ring to it. 

What does See Kai Run sell? 

See Kai Run sells sneakers, boots, dress shoes, sandals, and other footwear for boys and girls from Infant Size 3 to Big Kids’ Size 3. 

The brand is known for offering best in fit shoes that promote healthy foot development, and best in style for its warm colors, prints, and designs that can brighten even the cloudiest of days.  

Among the popular styles and items See Kai Run sells: 

  • Sneakers (Low-Tops and High-Tops) 
  • Sandals 
  • Mary Jane
  • Hiking Boots
  • Rain Boots
  • Winter Boots 
  • Water Friendly 
  • Slippers
  • First Walkers 

See Kai Run also offers unique collections of specialty footwear. 

  • Adaptive
  • Vegan 
  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Sensor Friendly
  • Wide Width 
  • Machine Washable
  • Licensed Prints (i.e. Eric Carle collection in 2022)

What sizes does See Kai Run carry? 

See Kai Run carries footwears for babies, toddlers, and young children in sizes 3 Baby to 3 Youth.  

  • Baby / First Walker: Sizes 3 – 6  
  • Toddler / Pre-School: Sizes 4 – 13.5 
  • Youth / Bigger Kids: Sizes 1-3 

Because children’s feet grow at different rates, you can find youth styles in size 4 to 13.5 and there’s an overlap in styles for baby and toddler sizes based on walking proficiency.  

Is See Kai Run true to size? How does sizing run for See Kai Run? 

In my experience, See Kai Run shoes run true to size. In some instances, See Kai Run does advise you to buy one full size up. This is clearly marked on the product description page. Also, there is a bright red circle icon with a tape measure that reads “Size up for best fit”. 

It’s always best to consult the See Kai Run sizing chart. It’s important to buy the correct size and not a size or two up for your child to grow into. Buying shoes too large, or too small, can lead to problems with pronating (incorrect food stride), hip development, and overall foot health and growth. 

See Kai Run has size guides on their website they encourage you to print out and use to measure your child’s foot

Additionally, you can refer to see the See Kai Run size chart. See Kai Run states that they have already built “room to grow” in their sizing and they advise against sizing up for that reason.


CMInchesUS Size
10.5cm4 1/8″3
10.9cm4 3/8″3.5
11.3cm4 1/2″4
11.7cm4 5/8″4.5
12.1cm4 3/4″5
12.9cm5 1/8″6
13.4cm5 1/4″6.5
13.8cm5 1/2″7
14.2cm5 5/8″7.5
14.6cm5 3/4″8
15.5cm6 1/8″9
15.8cm6 1/4″9.5
16.2cm6 3/8″10
16.6cm6 1/2″10.5
17.1cm6 3/4″11
17.5cm6 7/8″11.5
18.3cm7 1/4″12.5
18.7cm7 3/8″13
19.1cm7 1/2″13.5
19.6cm7 3/4″1Y
20cm7 7/8″1.5Y
20.9cm8 1/4″2.5Y
21.3cm8 3/8″3Y
21.7cm8 1/2″3.5Y
22.1cm8 5/8″4Y
See Kai Run Size Chart

Is See Kai Run good for wide feet? Does See Kai Run run wide? 

See Kai Run does carry a selection of shoes specifically designed for a wide width foot.You can shop them on the brand’s page for adaptive footwear with an extra-wide opening. 

Otherwise, See Kai Run shoes are designed to fit a medium or “B” width foot. 

Some of See Kai Run’s shoes, like their water-friendly styles, are stretchier and offer more wiggle room in the toe box. But overall, if your child has a wide width foot it’s best to order a wide width style. 

You can check this size guide to see your child’s foot width and see if they take a wide shoe size.


Is See Kai Run a good brand?

See Kai Run is an excellent baby and children’s footwear brand, for fit, comfort, and unique style. The sole has excellent grip and the entire foot, ankle included, is extremely well cushioned. The sole is nice and thick. Both the sole and materials have flex so they can move as one with your kid, not against them. 

Additionally, See Kai Run shoes have the APMA seal of approval which means they have been medically reviewed and found to promote good foot development and overall foot health.   

With clearance deals and sales events, you can nab a pair of See Kai Run shoes for around $15 or less making them quite affordable. 

Can you put See Kai Run shoes in the washing machine? 

Many See Kai Run shoe styles are designed to be washing machine safe. You can shop machine washable shoes specifically on See Kai Run:

All machine washable shoes are labeled as such on product pages. You’ll find a blue circle logo next to all of these products which reads “machine washable”.  

How do you clean See Kai Run shoes?

See Kai Run recommends using a damp cloth and a small amount of mild detergent to clean their shoes. Then, allow shoes to air dry.  

The exterior of leather shoes and sneakers can be treated with a non-toxic water repellent spray for added protection. 

Shoes designated machine washable safe should be machine washed in cold water. I recommend placing them inside of a pillowcase. See Kai Run advise against putting shoes through the washer that are not labeled machine washable. 

Can you put See Kai Run shoes in the dryer? 

See Kai Run advises you to air dry all of their shoes, even shoes that are labeled machine washable safe.

That said, some moms have reported being able to put shoes through the dryer to speed up the drying process after their children’s shoes have got thoroughly drenched in the rain. 

They advise tying the laces together and hanging the shoes from the dryer door – this will minimize any loud banging noises or damage to the dryer. 

I have personally put tennis shoes (Brooks running shoes) and my daughter’s See Kai Run shoes through the wash and dryer without any damage or shrinkage. (My daughter’s shoes were only machine dried once – and by accident). With my tennis shoes, I put them inside of a pillowcase and then put the pillowcase inside of a mesh, lingerie bag. This minimized any loud thud sounds. 

I would not put leather, suede, or similar fabrics in the dryer because they would be prone to drying and cracking. Even rubber heels could be problematic on high heat. In the handful of instances where I washed and dried my own sneakers, I only dried my sneakers for about 15 to 20 minutes in the dryer – just enough time to get them mostly dry.

How fast do baby feet grow? 

The feet of babies and young children can grow rapidly, up to 1.5mm a month or ¾ of an inch per year. Parents can expect to see their children age 1 to 3 going through 2 to 3 shoe sizes per year. (Don’t worry, children ages 3 to 10 typically only go through 1 to 2 shoe sizes per year.)

Every child is unique and based on their overall size and rate of growth. The important thing is to select comfortable shoes that fit their feet well and promote good foot health and ambulatory development. 

Where can I get a See Kai Run coupon code? How can I save money? 

Get a 10% off coupon code for See Kai Run when you sign up for their newsletter. 

You can get other See Kai coupon codes directly on the website. If there is an eligible coupon promotion, it will be very visibly displayed.

Check the sales page and clearance page on See Kai Run to find deals around 25% to 50% off or more. 

Third-party retailers who sell See Kai Run offer discounts for email newsletter sign up or for their own sales events.

Where can I buy See Kai Run? Who sells See Kai Run?   

A number of department stores and children’s boutiques sell See Kai Run. Some of these retailers include: 


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