All About Maileg

Maileg is a Danish company that makes high-end, miniature play animals, dollhouses, and accessories. 

In a world where we are always busy and rushing from one task to the next, Maileg prefers to slow down and create a storybook tale. A world in which matchboxes can be beds for mice, princesses make perfect tea time companions, and adventures can be found on a friendly forest walk. 

Maileg toys show playfulness and charm to the very last detail and lets children tell their stories through imaginative play.

What is Maileg Mouse? 

Maileg Mouse is a figurine created by Maileg in the character of a little whimsical mouse. The items are handcrafted and one of a kind so every single one is a little different. They are meticulously crafted with superior attention to detail that makes them unlike any other heirloom collectible on the market. 

Maileg Mouse has a variety of accessories and collections so the opportunities for play and customization of your mouse and friends are endless. The accessories are high quality and amazingly crafted, like the cooking set that measures 3 x 4 inches or this vintage fireplace that measures 3 x 3 inches. All items are so incredibly tiny and adorable. 

How do you say Maileg?

Maileg is pronounced ‘My Lie’. Mai is the first 3 letters from the co-founder and designer’s last name and leg means “play” in Danish.

Who created Maileg?  

Maileg was created in Denmark in 1999 by the husband and wife team, Dorthe and Erik Mailil. Their global headquarters are located in Herning, Denmark. 

The North American division was established in 2008 by Hanne and Lars Anderson and Dorthe and Erik Mailil with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 

What does Maileg sell? 

Maileg sells a variety of little animals (mainly mice) and accessories for them (furniture, houses, clothes, and more).  Some of the categories include:

  • Mice
  • Bunnies & Rabbits
  • Soft Toys
  • Furniture
  • Dollhouse
  • Playtime
  • Holiday

Are Maileg Mice handmade? 

Yes! Each toy is hand-made or at least hand finished. This means that each item is unique and allows your Maileg to be 100% yours and unlike any other. For example, some of the mice may have ears that are not perfectly symmetrical. Maileg considers this normal and does not consider this to be a defect. 

Is Maileg collectible? Where do I start with Maileg? 

Yes! Maileg’s philosophy is that well-made, adorable toys will last. Maileg toys are limited releases and once that collection or item has sold out, they rarely restock. However, every season new collections are released and allow you to easily add to your collection. 

Maileg believes that children thrive with simple toys, and studies show that fewer toys are better for promoting open-ended play. If you are just starting with a collection, start small. Start with a couple of mice and accessories. You can build upon your collection as your child becomes more engaged with Maileg. It also isn’t necessary to get the dollhouse right away. You can create a makeshift dollhouse until you decide to invest in one (more on that later). 

The great thing about Maileg is fostering creativity. You can make little clothes for your mice out of fabric scraps or make them a little tent and campfire with sticks you find outside. The options are truly endless to be as creative as you want to be.

Why is Maileg so popular? 

Maileg is popular because they are high-quality and hand-crafted storybook miniature animals that not only children love, but adults too. Since they are collectibles and new collections are released every season, they make perfect gifts. 

Most items are a la carte, so you can mix and match pieces to create a customized home and look for your little Maileg family. This allows each collection to be unique to your child and their interests. A dollhouse and figurines are also a great tool to promote speech and language development, and social and emotional development, which is a win-win when looking for toys to bring into your home.

Where is Maileg manufactured?

Maileg is designed in Denmark and manufactured in China.

What are Maileg Mice made of? 

Maileg products are made using natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, wood, and metal. They do not use plastic, except for the polyester filling for the stuffed toys. 

What is Maileg Micro? 

The sizing can be a little confusing since Maileg offers an entire range of sizes to accommodate different family setups and more imaginative play options.

Maileg has a “My” and “Micro” line with the “My” size being the smallest Maileg offers. The “My Rabbit” is just a little over 5” and can portray a newborn baby and the “Micro Rabbit” is 5.25” and can portray an older baby or young toddler.

Here are Maileg Mice sizing charts for different Maileg products:

Maileg Mice size chart
Maileg measurements for rabbits and bunnies

Maileg measurements for older style bunnies and rabbits

What age are Maileg toys for?  

All soft fabric animals are marked for all ages (including 0-3) by EN-71 (Europe) and ASTM 963 (USA). Other products are marked according to recommendations and listed on product pages. Some items are not suitable for children under 3 due to small pieces.

What can you play with Maileg Mice? 

The play opportunities are endless. Research shows that open-ended toys are better for childhood development and language skills. This allows them to learn, explore, discover and create. 

The benefits of open-ended play are:

  1. Children have space to explore ideas, test theories, and engage in new concepts.
  2. It provides a relaxed environment where there is no fear of making mistakes.
  3. It helps the child develop Social & Emotional Intelligence.
  4. It provides the ideal circumstances for flow.

How do you clean Maileg toys? 

It is recommended that items be hand-washed with mild soap or machine washed on a gentle cycle with cold water and then air dried. Once your Maileg dries, you may need to give it a nice massage to get its body back to its original shape and form. All products are marked with the recommended washing instructions and incorrect washing can damage the product.

Why is Maileg so expensive? 

Maileg is expensive because they are handcrafted and of heirloom quality. However, many people say they are well worth the price and save them for future children or even grandchildren.

Is the Maileg dollhouse worth the price? 

The Maileg dollhouse is an investment piece at $298.00. The house is made from Linden tree wood which is known as the “tree of love” in Danish lore. This makes the dollhouse the perfect setting to show love to all your Maileg products. 

The dollhouse is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. 

Does Maileg furniture fit other dollhouses? 

Maileg furniture can potentially fit other dollhouses, however, to get the complete Maileg aesthetic, I would recommend the Maileg dollhouse. Other wooden dollhouses are at a similar price point due to premium materials, so would likely be a similar price. However, if you want to look for other options or even make your own dollhouse, Maileg provides the measurements so you can compare.

Maileg dollhouse measurements

When is there a Maileg sale? 

Maileg does not have frequent sales but there are occasional markdowns on select products. Retailers that stock Maileg may run promotions for Black Friday, other sales holidays, or newsletter signups. 

Where can I buy Maileg Mice? 

Maileg is available in all 50 states and ships to several countries. Some retailers in the US and worldwide who stock the brand are:

  • Maisonette
  • Scandiborn
  • The Tot 
  • Milk+Bots (Milk Bots) 
  • A Vintage Childhood
  • My Sweet Muffin
  • Bohemian Mama
  • Fine Nordic 
  • Boutique Little
  • Oak and Ever
  • Smallable
  • Bumps n Bundles
  • Boutique Little
  • The Baby Cubby
  • CouCou Boston


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