All About Konges Sløjd

Konges Sløjd (also spelled Sloejd) is a Danish creative children’s brand located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was established in 2014 by Emilie Konge Breindal. They salute the wild, varied, and perfectly imperfect life with children and aim to create thoughtful and quality-conscious designs. 

The brand strives to blaze a trail for garments, toys, and interior items produced in a way that is kinder to the environment and made to last. Their goal is for their items to not only be passed down to siblings, but also future generations. 

The design aesthetic is Scandinavian, stylish, and simple. 

What is Konges Sløjd? 

Konges Sloejd is a high-end creative brand for children that designs garments and also items for the home, on the go, and playtime. They are committed to sustainability and utilize materials that are OEKO TEX and GOTS certified. 

With GOTS certification, all cotton-based products are made from organic and GMO-free agriculture and protect the people involved from seed to final garment. OEKO TEX ensures that no harmful substances have been used during the full production of textile and garments. Each certification offers sustainable and durable textiles and toys that are also high quality and safe.

Is Konges Sløjd a good brand? 

Konges Sloejd designs products that are perfectly made for everyday life struggles. They also promote and advocate for responsible production and the capability to positively impact its stakeholders. Their code of ethics, which employees and suppliers are required to adhere to, reflects their values which include:

  • Enchantment: Bring magic and fun into our lives
  • Boldness: Use creativity to twist and improve the lives of mothers
  • Care: For mothers, families, and our planet 

Konges Sloejd promotes an open, international, and positive workplace that promotes respectful and inclusive practices and communication. They support and respect internationally recognized human rights. They also have a conscious approach to the environment by minimizing food waste in their office, not allowing to-go coffee cups, and using materials from recycled sources in packaging as much as possible. They believe minor differences they make have a positive impact on the world.

Konges Sloejd is committed to providing all employees with a safe and healthy work environment.

What does Konges Sløjd sell? 

Konges Sloejd sells a variety of baby and children’s gear and clothing. They have a variety of carefully curated goods and garments for your littles. Some of their lines includes: 

  • Clothing & Shoes
    • Tops
    • Bottoms
    • Outerwear
    • Swimwear 
    • Shoes
    • Accessories 
  • Home
    • Bedtime
    • Bath & Nursery 
    • Dinner Time
    • Kids Room 
  • Playtime
    • Playtime for Baby & Child 
    • Pool & Swim Essentials 
  • On the Go
    • Baby Carriers
    • Stroller / Pram Essentials 
    • Travel 
    • Bags

What are the most popular Konges Sloejd items sold? 

Some of Konges Sloejd’s best-selling items are a mix of clothing and non-clothing items: 

  • Classic & Basic Pants
  • Newborn Onesies
  • Junior Bedding
  • Silicone Bibs
  • Bath Thermometers
  • Cardigans
  • Muslin Cloths

What sizes does Konges Sløjd carry? 

Konges Sloejd carries sizing from newborn to 10 years old and some clothing for adults. For sizing questions, it is recommended to refer to the size guide on individual product pages or contact the customer service team.

The size guide you’ll find on the Konges Sloejd, and featured below, is quite thorough. 

PRE44 cm17 in
0 – 1 m.50 – 56 cm19.5 – 22 in
3 m.62 cm24.5 in
6 m.68 cm26.5 in
9 m.74 cm29 in
12 m.80 cm31.5 in
18 m.86 cm33.5 in
2 Y92 cm36.5 in
3 Y98 cm38.5 in
4 Y104 cm41 in
5 – 6 Y110 – 116 cm43.5 – 45.5 in
7 – 8 Y122 – 128 cm48 – 50.5 in
9 – 10 Y134 – 140 cm52.5 – 55 in
11 – 12 Y146 – 152 cm57.5 – 60 in
2114 cm5.5
2214,9 cm5.8
2315,3 cm6.0
2416,1 cm6.3
2516,4 cm6.4
2617,4 cm6.8
2717,7 cm6.9
2818,8 cm7.4
2919,2 cm7.5
3020,2 cm7.9
3120,5 cm8.0
3220,9 cm8.2
3321,4 cm8.4
3422,2 cm8.7
3522,6 cm8.9
2114,0 cm5.5 in
2214,6 cm5.7 in
2315,3 cm6.0 in
2416,0 cm6.2 in
2516,6 cm6.5 in
2617,3 cm6.8 in
2718,0 cm7.0 in
2818,6 cm7.3 in
2919,3 cm7.6 in
3020,0 cm7.8 in
3120,6 cm8.1 in
2113,9 cm5.4
2214,5 cm5.7
2315,2 cm5.9
2415,7 cm6.1
2516,7 cm6.5
2617,2 cm5.8
2717,7 cm7.0
2818,9 cm7.4
2919,7 cm7.7
3020,0 cm7.9
3120,5 cm8.0
3221,1 cm8.3
3321,8 cm8.5
3422,4 cm8.8
3523,0 cm9.0
20 – 2112,7 cm5.0 in
22 – 2314,0 cm5.5 in
24 – 2515,3 cm6.0 in
26 – 2716,6 cm6.5 in
28 – 2917,9 cm7.0 in
30 – 3119,2 cm7.5 in
0-3 M4818,8
3-6 M4919,2
6-9 M5019,6
12-18 M5220,4
2-4 Y5421,2
5-8 Y56,522,2
Konges Slojd Size Chart – Babies and Kids

Women’s Clothing

SizeChest (cm)Length (cm)Sleeve (cm)
SizeWaist (cm)Hip (cm)Length (cm)
SizeWaist (cm)Hip (cm)Length (cm)
SizeWaist (cm)Chest (cm)Length (cm)
SizeWaist (cm)Hip (cm)Length (cm)

What makes Konges Sløjd unique? Why is it so popular?  

Konges Sloejd is unique because it offers much more than just children’s clothing. With their wide variety of home goods, playtime toys, pram accessories, and more, you can find needed items for your family in one place. They embrace the ups and downs of parenthood and hope to bring a little bit of enchantment and simplicity into parents’ lives through comfy, technical and versatile collections.

Konges Sloejd is also great to buy gifts from due to their dedicated page of gift inspiration. You can search by the child’s age, occasion, and price. There are curated gift ideas that make shopping for a baby shower or birthday extremely easy.

With items in coordinating prints and colors, you can ensure everything from your baby’s cardigan to their nursery is coordinated in sweet, whimsical prints and colors.

What is the Konges Sløjd All You Need Bag? 

The All You Need Bag is truly just that! It is a waterproof and functional changing bag with a variety of elasticized inner pockets. It includes an insulated bottle holder, which makes storing and organizing essentials effortless.

On the outside, there are two packet compartments, one specially designed for wet wipes. It also includes a removal padded changing mat which makes changing your little one in public easy and hygienic.  The bag closes with a zipper to ensure your valuables don’t spill out. It also has D-rings on each side to easily attach to your stroller handles. It comes in a variety of beautiful prints and solids. 

Can you still buy the Konges Sloejd lemon print? 

The lemon print is a beautiful, yet minimal print that fits with the Konges Sloejd aesthetic that people adore. There is a variety of lemon print clothing and goods available right now, with some being on sale. Since certain prints or products are not guaranteed to be around forever due to their commitment to limit overproduction, if you see an item you want, grab it!

When is there a Konges Sløjd sale? How can I save money on Konges Sløjd? 

You can receive 10% off your first order by signing up for Konges Sloejd’s newsletter. When items are not sold during seasonal periods, Konges Sloejd will offer sales for their customers. Items that are not sold at the end of a sale are donated to charity.

Who are the Konges Sløjd stockists? What retailers sell Konges Sløjd? 

Konges Sloejd is sold by numerous retailers in several counties. Some other retailers that sell Konges Sloejd include: 


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