All About Meri Meri

Meri Meri is a high-end children’s party and decor shop. Originally a handmade greeting card company that was established in 1985, the brand has evolved over the years.

Meri Meri designs everything fun for life’s celebrations. Their products are inspired by the imagination of childhood and rooted in sophisticated design. Understanding that the preparation for the party is just as special as the party itself, Meri Meri aims to create a beautiful array of themed party supplies with elevated style appeal.

What is Meri Meri?

Meri Meri is stylish, upscale decor for children’s parties and play.

Founder Meredithe Stuart-Smith was born in Kansas and grew up down the street from Hallmarks’ head offices. As a child, she would hand-make cards and tape them to the windows hoping someone from Hallmark would walk by and see them.

Having always been an extremely creative child, she officially began her business in 1985 at her kitchen table in Los Angeles, California. She then took her hand-made greeting cards door to door.

Although told many people said her business would not be successful, Meredithe kept going. Her lucky break came in 1987 when Bergdorf Goodman placed a huge order for Christmas cards at a trade show she had a booth at.

Today, Meri Meri’s main design studio is a converted Victorian warehouse in Cheltenham, UK. After meeting her English husband at a New York Stationery Show, he convinced her to move to the UK which she now considers home.

Meri Meri is created by a studio of designers, illustrators, and crafters, who draw inspiration from classic and on-trend designs worldwide. The studio works collaboratively on projects to come up with new ideas and designs. Asof 2020, they had about 30 creatives on the team.

What does Meri Meri sell? 

Meri Meri sells high-quality partyware, seasonal decorations, heirloom-quality children’s gifts, and dress-up clothes.  

  • Party
    • Themes
    • Celebrations
    • Seasonal
  • Tableware & Decorations
    • Tableware
    • Party Accessories
    • Baking
    • Balloons
  • Home & Stationery
    • Home Decor
    • Greetings Cards
    • Stationary
  • Dress Up
    • Costumes
    • Accessories
  • Toys & Gifts
    • Dolls & Accessories
    • Mini Dolls & Suitcases
    • Knitted Toys
    • Crafts
  • Party Sets
    • Party Bundles
    • Gifting Sets

What’s so special about Meri Meri party supplies? 

Meri Meri’s party supplies are chic and whimsical which make them great for kids’ parties (and adults love them too). They have themes that children love: dinosaurs, safari, fairies, construction, princesses, and more, in beautiful colors and aesthetics that are elevated and fun.

Not afraid to shy away from change and innovation, Meri Meri has pivoted several times during the last several decades to keep the business fresh and innovative.

During the recession of 2008, Meredithe saw there was a gap in the children’s party market for aesthetic designs. She and her team of illustrators designed six collections in elevated themes that they knew children would love. They introduced them at the Stationary Show in NYC in 2008 and they were a huge success. They also created one of the first Cupcake Kits which is still sold today. They credit these innovative ideas with carrying them through the recession.

In 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, birthday parties and any get-togethers were pretty much at a standstill. However, Meri Meri was still able to offer gifts and supplies to keep children entertained. In an interview with The Grace Tales, Meredith explains, “A box of fancy dresses and a few props help create the environment for never-ending imaginative and expressive play. I believe that is when the magic happens. We love to help facilitate that.”

Meri Meri also offers free crafts, like a kit to Make Your Own Ballerina. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they did what they could do to offer activities and kits for kids, which parents and caregivers appreciated.

What are the most popular Meri Meri products? 

Meri Meri offers amazing party supplies and their best sellers are no exception. Their top 10 best-sellers are:

  1. Gold Sparkler Numbers 9 to 0 Candles
  2. Gold Sparkler Numbers 0 to 9 Mini Candles
  3. Magical Unicorn Foil Balloon
  4. Happy Birthday To You Mini Garland
  5. Dinosaur Kingdom Large Tattoos
  6. Number Candle (0-9)
  7. Dinosaur Kingdom Large Napkins
  8. Dinosaur Kingdom Side Plates
  9. Dinosaur Kingdom Cake Toppers
  10. Gold Happy Birthday Garland

Here at the Henmar house, Meri Meri party hats have been a huge hit. I initially cringed at the price tag ($3 to $4 per hat), but they are artistic, whimsical, and just plain beautiful to look at.

We store them in the buffet in our dining room, and we have worn these hats for multiple birthday parties. We’ll wear them at least a few more years before the kids lose interest and I gift them to a new home.

What is the Meri Meri Party in a Box?

The Party in a Box is a themed box with everything you need to have a party. These bundles are beautifully curated with themed essentials. 

Examples of items that can be included in the bundles:

  • Garland
  • Decorations
  • Dinner Plates
  • Napkins
  • Party Cups
  • Party Hats

You can also add coordinating items individually if you need larger quantities. 

What is the Meri Meri palette of colors? 

Meri Meri’s palette of colors is the entire rainbow! They tastefully offer all the colors without having it look like a circus (although they do offer an adorable circus theme that I’m slightly obsessed with). The colors are beautifully vibrant without being too loud or garish, which is hard to pull off.

Meri Meri seeks inspirations for their themes and colors from vintage and on-trend designs. Their circus theme is inspired by the bohemian festival feel of Gifford’s Circus, an iconic circus that tours England. Drawing inspiration from the past and connecting it to the present brings a whimsical yet contemporary charm to their designs.

Can I buy Meri Meri wholesale? 

Yes! Meri Meri accepts applications for wholesale accounts. You can apply on their website.

When is there a Meri Meri sale? How can I save money on Meri Meri? 

Meri Meri runs sales events for major shopping holidays and end-of-season closeouts. You can also check their retailers to see if they have Meri Meri on sale.

Who sells Meri Meri? Where can I buy it? 

Meri Meri is sold in 69 countries in over 5,000 shops, and online. Meri Meri’s headquarters are in Burlingame, California, with offices in Cheltenham, UK, and Reno, Nevada.

Some retailers of Meri Meri include:


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