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Wild Things

Originally published February 24, 2023

Mini Boden is all about classic, British style. What Kate and William’s brood wear when out on royal visits and beach holidays: smocked dresses and rompers, pinafores, peter pan collars, and brilliant wool sweaters and cardigans. 

Beyond the elegant, high-tea looks, Boden boasts plenty of playful garments too. Parents and kids love Boden’s soft, cozy separates in vibrant colors with fun patterns, textures, and applique designs. 

I first discovered Mini Boden in an online buy-sell clothing group and was immediately smitten. Strikingly different from anything I’d seen at the mall, these were garments out to woo the senses.

Since falling for Boden, I’ve sought out and discovered other Boden-like brands. I love Boden. But all Boden all the time — that’s a lot of BeatrixPottercore. And sometimes you want a bit of variety that’s in the same genre. 

There are other kids’ brands that fit the mark. If you like Boden, you’ll love these Boden-esque brands. Check out these 13 great alternatives to Mini Boden.

1 | La Coqueta 

I adore everything about La Coqueta. The brand feels very British-Mediterranean, like what the children of Downton Abbey would have worn on holiday. The cuts and colors have a 1920’s and 1930’s vibe but still feel contemporary. Shop La Coqueta

2 | Rachel Riley 

Rachel Riley is a British brand selling vintage-style clothing for babies and kids. The label’s dresses, knits, and the dressy clothes sets for boys have a 1950’s and 1960’s feel. Shop Rachel Riley.

3 | Joules 

Best known for their wellies (rain boots), Joules is a UK clothing label that sells clothes, shoes, and accessories inspired by British country life. Some items trend rural farm while others are more country manor. Shop Joules.

4 | Frugi (We Love Frugi) 

Frugi is a British brand known for its line of ethical, organic children’s clothing. Garments are colorful, playful, and ultra-durable. They come in a range of geometric patterns and playful prints. Some garments are reversible for extended wear, and many items are made of recycled materials. Shop Frugi


5 | Jojo Maman Bebe 

Jojo Maman Bebe is a sustainable UK clothing line producing beautiful, spirited clothing for babies, kids, and expectant mums. Garment materials include recycled fabrics, Better Cotton, and Birla Cellulose (sustainable viscose). Shop Jojo Maman Bebe.


6 | Bella Bliss  

Clothing has a Southern heritage feel. Find smocked dresses, applique tees and scallop collar shirts, bubbles, john johns, and lots of gingham. Shop Bella Bliss

7 | Pink Chicken 

While the brand has an edgy boho vibe, Pink Chicken touts plenty of garden party fabulous dresses. Pink Chicken has clothes for babies, boys, girls, and women, but it’s the dapper dresses that Boden-moms will love. Shop Pink Chicken

8 | Pepa of London 

Another British label, Peppa of London sells retro-modern style British clothing for babies and kids. Shop Pepa of London

9 | Elfie London 

Elfie London is a UK brand that sells vintage-style clothing reminiscent of a fairytale world: traditional rompers, dapper boys outfits, and beautiful smocked dresses suitable for teatime or for play. Shop Elfie London.

10 | The Bonnie mob 

The Bonnie mob is an award-winning, organic British clothing line. Parents love the brand’s distinctive style: colorful and playful with modern appeal. The label encourages customers to “Buy once, buy well, pass it on.” Shop The Bonnie mob

11 | Britannical 

Britannical is a brand that wants you to wear UK heritage on your coat sleeve. This luxury outerwear brand has produced premium wool coats and outerwear since the 1880’s. In addition to classic coats, Britannical sells handcrafted dresses, knitwear, shoes, and accessories. Shop Britannical.

12 | Wild Things

Wild Things is an ultra cozy brand that’s wildly imaginative. Garments are bold, modern, and playful. I love their geometric rompers and artistic prints. Their cord dungarees and pinafores could give Boden a run for their money. Shop Wild Things.  

13 | Kite Clothing 

Kite clothing is a British line of colorful, organic clothing for babies, kids, tweens, and moms. (Not to be confused with Kyte Baby, a US brand of layette for babies and toddlers.) The brand is known for feel-good designs and styles that kids love to look at and to wear. Shop Kite.

Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Boden? 

Yes, of course there are cheaper alternatives to Boden. You can shop the tens of thousands of SKUs on Shein. And since the fast fashion retailer houses every garment style in existence, you’ll probably find some copycat British styles. Or you can purchase Boden knock-offs on Amazon, often referred to as “Faux-den” by shoppers in the know. 

I’ve purchased and reviewed Shein kids clothes. And also Faux-den dresses and tunics from Amazon. The quality falls very short. And brushing past any qualms about unethical fashion, there are other ways to acquire Boden or Boden-like quality on the cheap. 

  • Nordstrom Rack: Some locations have past season Boden clothes. 
  • Marshalls: Some locations have past season Boden clothes. 
  • TJ Maxx: Some locations have past season Boden clothes.
  • Gilt Groupe: On occasion (once or twice a year) you can buy Boden gift certificates for 40% off. Use your 40% off gift certificate when there’s a Boden sale for 20% to 30% off. 
  • Secondhand Boden in consignment stores: Once Upon A Child can be a good source of used Boden clothes in good condition.  
  • Used Boden clothing on resale sites and apps: Mercari, Poshmark, Kidizen, and thredUP have a decent selection of Boden clothing in a range of prices including some items that sellers have purchased (on clearance or in thrift shops) in order to flip.  
  • Excess Boden inventory on eBay: You can shop excess Boden inventory from UK sellers on eBay, like applique tees, applique dresses, tunics, or playsets. The garments may have small irregularities (that you probably won’t notice) or the tags may be clipped. 
  • Shop other brands featured on the list: Jojo Maman Bebe and The Bonnie mob are generally less expensive than Mini Boden and have more frequent markdowns.  

Bottom Line on Boden-Like Brands 

If you swoon over Boden attire, these other sources for British style will leave you weak in the knees. 

Many moms want to keep these fancy duds looking pristine, and barely let their kids wear them. 

That’s one approach. 

But I say let them wear smocked dresses and wool jumpers every day. When are your kids going to dine with Little Lord Fauntleroy? If your life isn’t filled with high teas and garden parties by now, it ain’t happening. Why buy Boden garments for them to gather dust in the back of your closet, or slowly suffocate under a heap of unworn clothes? But that’s just my two-pence (sorry). 

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