All About Super Smalls 

Super Smalls is a feel-good accessory brand inspired by the glitzy grown-up world of outrageous and extravagant jewels but made for kids who like to play. 

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What is Super Smalls? 

You may have memories of playing in your mom’s jewelry box and playing dress-up. Maybe you wore her favorite bauble necklace or found a ring in her jewelry box to complete your outfit. Chances are you got told, “Don’t lose that, it’s expensive!”. That was exactly what founder Maria Duenas Jacobs was experiencing with her three daughters when they wanted to play dress-up with her jewelry. 

After searching for quality costume jewelry for kids, she could not find anything and decided to create her own: Super Smalls. There was no longer a need to “borrow” Mom’s jewelry when the kids’ jewelry was just as good and allowed for all the play and adventure.

Not only is Super Smalls making a big impact with their sparkly pieces, but they strive to be inclusive and give back. Super Smalls is a positive, colorful, and unabashedly authentic place where everyone is always encouraged to be themselves. They also believe it is vital to stay educated on social issues, share resources, and give back. They support causes and organizations that align with our values of building a kind, inclusive, and joyful future for kids everywhere. 

Who is the Super Smalls founder?

Maria Duenas Jacobs is the Owner and Founder of Super Smalls. She founded the company in 2019 as a way to combine her love of ornate artisan objects with her passion for all things kid and fun.

Duenas Jacob’s resume is impressive, to say the least. She previously worked at Glamour Magazine and Elle Magazine as the Accessories Director, and at Stitch Fix. With plenty of experience in the fashion industry, it was a natural move for her to branch off with her own company with her girls’ help and direction.

With three small daughters, she was influenced by their inventive dreams, fearless imaginations, and honest feedback. Her oldest daughter, Luna, is their Kid-in-Chief and comes up with new ideas and provides great feedback for the brand. 

What does Super Smalls sell? 

Some of Super Smalls’ bestsellers

Super Smalls sells gem-covered accessories and gifts. Some of their bestsellers are:

  • Mermaid in Training Goggles
  • Sticker Book
  • DIY Bead Kit
  • Jewelry Set
  • Hair Clips and Accessories
  • Play Shoes 
  • Tiara Kit
  • Nail Kit

What age is Super Smalls for? 

Super Smalls is suitable for children ages 3 and up. They may contain pieces that pose a choking hazard, so make sure your child is old enough (or rational enough) to know not to put the jewelry in their mouths. 

What are the Super Smalls reviews? 

Reviews for Super Smalls’ best-selling Make It Super DIY Bead Kit are 5 of 5 stars on Anthropologie. On Amazon, that same  Super Smalls DIY Bead Kit has 5 of 5 stars from 70% of buyers. The top criticism was that it was a little expensive in the buyer’s opinion.

Super Smalls Reviews on Amazon


How can I get a Super Smalls discount code? 

You can get 15% off your first order by signing up for their newsletter on

You can also sign up for their referral program and they’ll get 10% off their first order and you’ll get 10% off your next order! 

Where to buy Super Smalls? 

Shop Super Smalls on the Super Smalls website. Or Super Smalls is available at the following retailers: 

  • Saks Fifth Avenue 
  • Maisonette
  • Anthropologie 
  • Amazon 
  • FAO Schwarz

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