Best Etsy Shops for Children’s Clothes

Etsy is one of my favorite spots for shopping handmade goods and unique, vintage finds. From doll-head pillows (way creepier than they sound) to bespoke leather wedding dresses, Etsy’s got it all – and then some.

It’s one glorious misfit marketplace. And I mean misfit in the best way possible: I love deviant style.

And by deviant, I mean styles that deviate from Targetcore. I love Target on a basic level, but it runs a bit short on goods with vintage fashion flair or exceptional artisanship. For tees and socks, Target’s great. But for an upcycled quilted jacket made from vintage tea towels, or hand-embroidered linen dresses, you need Etsy.

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered some fantastic sellers on Etsy offering unique, beautifully made clothing for my kids. I’ve purchased from most of the sellers featured below, and the others have all got high marks from Etsy style editors.

20 Best Etsy Shops for Clothes

These are the 20 best sellers to shop on Etsy for cute kids’ clothing and accessories. The featured list of stores was current at the time of the article’s publication.

1 | Children of Leto

Children of Leto is a New Jersey based Etsy shop that sells fun children’s clothes with a bohemian retro feel. I love their quilted tops and dresses. All garments are made in the USA. You can buy ready-made or made-to-order options. Shop Children of Leto.

2 | Arlo + Pine

I uncovered Arlo + Pine during my earth-toned athleisure phase. A big fan of Childhoods Clothing and Lulu + Roo (now Little Road Co.), I was looking for other similar brands. Arlo + Pine fits that vibe, but leans slightly more SoCal. I love their terry shorts, retro ringed tees, and color block sweatshirts and fleece rompers. Shop Arlo and Pine.

3 | Chicklane

Chicklane has so many beautifully constructed, unique pieces for kids. As a quilter, I love the shop’s artistic fabric choices. The seller has a knack for picking soft, bold patterns. The shop sells dresses, joggers, and bummies in whimsical yet playful prints. Shop Chicklane.

4 | Gladfolk

I love Gladfolk’s typeface tees in modern-retro fonts. I’ve purchased a few different ones over the years for both of my kids, and an art print as well. Based out of Ohio, Gladfolk has an emphasis on meaningful and modern design. Gladfolk sells tees, onesies, rompers, canvas banners, leather tote bags, and wooden toys and decor. Shop Gladfolk.

5 | Pint Sized US

Based out of Albany, New York, Pint Sized sells pint sized clothing for littles with big personality. Pint Sized primarily sells onesies and T-Shirts with customized or ready-made designs. I especially love their ‘Big Sister’ and ‘Little Brother’ tees and onesies. Shop Pint Sized US.

6 | Rivet Apparel Co

Rivet Apparel offers colorful apparel with a retro-modern vibe. Many of their graphics and typefaces have a 1960’s to 1970’s feel. Rivet Apparel Co sells onesies, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and stickers. We’ve owned and loved several of their onesies and tees. Shop Rivet Apparel Co.

7 | Lulabelle’s Babies

Lulabelle’s Babies sells playful, feminine rompers, dresses, and other clothing for babies and little girls. Many of the prints are made from Winnie, Disney, or other licensed character fabrics. There are also some more minimalist styles too, like the brand’s solid color heirloom dresses. Shop Lulabelle’s Babies.

8 | Ashe Sloane

Ashe Sloane is a Vermont-based shop selling modern, comfy clothes for little ones to chill in. Their gear includes trucker hats, beanies, and tees in clean, bold typefaces. Shop Ashe Sloane.

9 | Dodo Craft Co

DoDo Craft Co sells gorgeous, hand-knit organic sweaters, cardigans, rompers, bonnets, jackets, and blankets for babies and kids. The earthy color palette is similar to Jamie Kay or L’ovedbaby. I discovered the brand when looking for Misha and Puff like sweaters, but at a more affordable price point. Dodo Craft has many similar styles, including popcorn crewneck sweaters priced at $53. The gray popcorn sweater I purchased has held up through 2 years of wear and washing by both of my kids, and it still looks new. Shop Dodo Craft Co.

10 | Meadoria

Meadoria sells adorable, crocheted baby bonnets in classic and pixie styles. I love the attention to detail and extra touches like scalloped edges that frame the face. Both of my kids wore a cream-colored pixie style Meadoria bonnet (my daughter more enthusiastically than my son). Most of the bonnets are priced around $24 and the shop also sells crocheted baby blankets too. Shop Meadoria.

11 | AniBabee Headbands

AniBabee is a Wisconsin-based shop selling handmade headbands and hair bows. They wear beautifully (even if they look too pretty to wear) and are quite sturdy. We’ve owned a couple of those hair bows for nearly 3 years and they still look new. I believe they were a stocking stuffer. Or a plastic egg stuffer. Shop AniBabee now.

12 | Stitched by Chris

Stitched by Chris sells handmade baby clothes, including many upcycled garments made from vintage blankets and rescued fabric. I love their hooded vests made from upcycled textiles. Shop Stitched by Chris.

13 | Vintage Linen Clothing

As the name suggests, Vintage Linen Clothing is a vintage shop. You’ll find one-of-a-kind dresses and blouses for babies, kids, and women. Garments are made from upcycled tea towels, fabric calendars, rice sacks, embroidered hand towels, dish towels, and flour sacks. The result is a retro urban-farmhouse vibe that’s truly unique. Shop Vintage Linen Clothing.

14 | Harmony Boutique House

Harmony Boutique House sells gorgeous, handcrafted sweaters, cardigans dresses, rompers, hair clips (pins), mittens, booties, and other accessories for kids. Everything is made from 100% cotton (not acrylic). I especially love the crochet sundresses with embroidered daisies. Reviews of the clothing items are quite good, but the seller does have low marks for its design patterns. If you’re purchasing completed apparel items, style editors and buyers think you’ll be pleased. (And I’ll update this post if I purchase that sundress.) Shop Harmony Boutique House.

15 | Keats Yeats

Keats Yeats is a Portland, Oregon based shop that sells unique garments and accessories for one-of-a-kind kids. Garments include dresses, pants, tops, overalls, onesies, and jackets. Many of the garments are made from (rescued) vintage fabric. Everything has a 1980’s inspired them. It’s not straight-up Cosby style. It’s clothing for the 21st century kid, with a nod to Denise Cosby and Full House’s Michelle Tanner. I especially love the dresses with a quilted bodice. Shop Keats Yeats.

16 | BBS Handmade Clothing

BB’s Handmade Clothing is a North Carolina based shop that sells beautiful quilted jackets, peplum tops, pants, and other clothing items and accessories. Garments are made of cotton, with some of the pieces organic. I love that BB’s uses Rifle Paper fabric prints. Shop BBS Handmade Clothing.

17 | CanDid Art Accessories

CanDid Art Accessories sells bold, geometric necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry. Materials include wood, leather, and metal. You can find the occasional kid or mom-sized garment like this reversible, quilted shapes jacket. Shop CanDid Art Accessories.

18 | Trex + Unicorn

Trex + Unicorn sells playful sweatshirts and tees for kids and babies that are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or picking up an Aquarius at the playground. This U.S. based seller has nearly 37,000 sales. And a threenager tee I want to get for my youngest’s next birthday. Shop Trex and Unicorn.

19 | Irreverent Finery

Irreverent Finery is a specialty shop on Etsy that curates vintage pieces with a flowy, feminine vibe. Many of the dresses are from the 1960’s and 1970’s, but you can clothing from any era Y2K and earlier. Children’s clothing options are more limited, but at any given time you can find a couple dozen vintage pieces for kids, like this quilted, red scarecrow dress from the 1950’s. Shop Irreverent Finery.

20 | The Bee & The Fox

I personally own three Bee & Fox tees and I love wearing them. The Bee & The Fox is a woman-owned buƒsiness committed to creating eco-friendly t-shirts, with attitude, that promote positive social change. Slogans can be political or mom-centric, but they’ve all got cheeky charm. (I want the “Tough Old Bird” T-shirt next.) You can find tees for grown-ups, kids, and babes. Shop The Bee & The Fox.

Wrapping it up

If you’re feeling deviant, you’ll dig these favorite Etsy shops too.

Most of the featured Etsy sellers make their goods from sustainable materials like linen, organic cotton, or upcycled fabric. Some of these Etsy shops, like Gladfolk or Rivet Apparel Co, sell their apparel on other online boutiques and directly to customers from their websites.

While the garments featured on Etsy are almost always pricier than brands you’d find at Target or Kohl’s, you can find many affordable pieces (under $30). And if you’re into consigning your kids’ used clothes, the resale value is pretty good. I’ve resold Etsy label garments in BST groups for 40% to 50% of purchase price. Items that have the best resale value are shorties (bummies), retro style shorts, tees, and joggers.

You’ll probably need to pay for shipping, and allow more time for order processing. But in the end, it’s worth it if you’re looking to change up your wardrobe game and look for some slow-fashion finds.

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