All About Christy Dawn (Farm to Closet Dresses)

Christy Dawn is a fashion brand committed to green, eco-friendly practices. Dubbed a farm-to-closet brand, Christy Dawn uses materials and production methods that are sustainable and ethical.

Farm-to-closet is one line of Christy Dawn’s clothing. You can also shop for organic cotton, regenerative cotton, or other rescued fabric styles. The brand is centered around making the earth happy and their clothing is beautiful and uplifting.

Created by a fashion model and former Survivor TV Show winner, Christy Dawn, her eponymous clothing line is fashionable (translation: breathtakingly pretty) but very, very durable.

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What is Christy Dawn?

Christy Dawn is a clothing brand featuring high-end clothing for women and children, focusing primarily on dresses. The company was founded in Los Angeles and has become a prominent name in clothing manufacturing and eco-friendly designs. 

Using timeless aesthetics with classic silhouettes, the brand does not design with trends in mind but rather pieces that can serve as staples for decades. Their popularity is attributed to their unique styles, which draw inspiration from the past while still being modern and stylish.

How old is Christy Dawn?

Christy Dawn is 36 years old and was born and raised in Placerville, California.

She has always had a passion for dresses and grew up shopping at thrift stores and learning to mend her clothing. She credits this to the aesthetics of her company and maintaining true to her vintage roots by saying, “It was in Placerville that my passion for designing and creating dresses was born and nurtured.” She has even had prior photoshoots and curated collections drawing inspiration from her hometown.

When did Christy Dawn launch?

Christy Dawn and her husband Aras founded the company in 2014. Aras is a musician and former Survivor TV show, winner. 

Christy worked for years as a model and had seen plenty behind the scenes of the fashion industry at shows and fittings. She decided to create her line and currently works on the creative side of the business, while her husband, Aras, works on the administrative side of the company.

The Mae Dress in indigo.

What does Christy Dawn sell?

The fashion brand sells garments made from upcycled fabrics, organic cotton, and regeneratively grown cotton. Their collections are vintage inspired and crafted for longevity, making them an excellent choice for timeless pieces to be added to your wardrobe. 

  • Dresses
  • Sweaters
  • Jackets & Outerwear
  • Loungewear
  • Tops & Blouses
  • Bottoms
  • Jumpsuits & Overalls
  • Footwear
  • Slip
  • Accessories

Does Christy Dawn sell kids’ clothes?

Yes, they do!

The brand stays true to its roots by offering ethical and whimsical dresses, jumpsuits, and t-shirts for kids. The brand also has a line of Mama & Babe to have a matching moment with your mini. 

Where is Christy Dawn manufactured?

The brand manufactures its garments in Los Angeles and India, where they are working towards creating a fully regenerative fibershed. This means a commitment to producing garments made of all-natural fibers in an environmentally responsible way, from soil (plant fibers grown) to soil (when the garment decomposes).

Christy Dawn is also known for using deadstock fabric, a practice that rescues surplus fabric from winding up in landfills.

What is deadstock fabric?

Deadstock fabric is a term used to describe leftover fabric in textile mills that ends on the cutting room floor. The fabric is sold at a discounted rate by the mills themselves, and many sustainable fashion brands buy the fabric for their garments. The fabrics that Christy Dawn uses are not previously used fabrics and would end up in the landfill if the brand didn’t step in and repurpose them.

Is Christy Dawn sustainable fashion?

Yes. Since day one, Christy Dawn has been committed to sustainability, but they realize there are ways they can continually improve.

As mentioned, the brand utilizes deadstock fabrics and sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, regenerative cotton, and linen. The brand also uses slow fashion techniques that take longer to complete, creating a higher-quality product in the long run. 

Their innovative Farm-to-Closet initiative includes regenerative cotton farms and farmers and a supply chain of local artisans who practice traditional and organic techniques that replenish the health of the soil, the planet, and the people.

Does Christy Dawn have a storefront?

Yes. Christy Dawn has a brick & mortar located at 1337 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291.

What sizes does Christy Dawn carry?

The brand offers inclusive sizing, including maternity-friendly, petite, and extended sizes.

  • Women Alpha & Numeric Sizes – XS – 3X/0 – 16
  • Women Denim – 23-32
  • Kids – Ages 2 to 6 years old.

Christy Dawn expresses a commitment to size inclusivity. 3XL is a more generous accommodation than many other niche fashion brands.

When scrolling through products on their website, you can see a thumbnail image of every garment on 2 models: one wearing a size S or XS and another wearing a 2XL or 3XL. This is a helpful preview.

Referencing the Christy Dawn size guide is always helpful when selecting your size.

How does Christy Dawn fit?

Different fabric types create slightly different size variations from one piece to another. The brand recommends comparing your measurements with the size chart on the product page for the best fit.

It can also be helpful to read reviews on the specific item you are buying to see if customers comment on the fit of that style. When looking at a Christy Dawn review of “The Dawn Dress,” one of their most popular styles, most reviewers said the fit was flattering, but some said it ran small.

Is Christy Dawn worth the price?

Yes, many customers think so!

Customers love the sustainable and slow-fashion ethics that the brand encompasses. Finding a brand with vintage-inspired dresses and whimsical “mommy & me” clothing in the sustainability category can be challenging. Many reviewers have positive things to say about the brand and have several pieces from them.

Does Christy Dawn ever have sales?

Yes! Here’s an example of recent deals that Christy Dawn has run:

  • Spend $300, and get 15% off
  • Spend $500, and get 20% off
  • Spend $700, and get 25% off

You can also receive money off your purchase by signing up for their newsletter on their website and text list. Following their Facebook and Instagram page are also a great way to keep up to date on current sales. Consignment shops and websites like Mercari and Poshmark may have secondhand options for Christy Dawn items. 

Final thoughts

Christy Dawn is a modern, eco-friendly, beautiful brand featuring vintage-inspired looks. The fashion brand lives by the motto that a dress can only be considered beautiful if the process used to produce it preserves the integrity and beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Fashion lovers are obsessed with the brand (I first heard of it through other women more into style than sustainability). Whether you’re more influenced by ethics or aesthetics, Christy Dawn is a brand worth leaning into.

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