Styling the Clara Dress for Family Photos

When family picture time rolls round and you’re a quarter of the way through the 100 Day Dress Challenge, why you wear your Wool& dress of course. So I wrote my Clara dress for family photos.

It was kind of a relief.

Every year, I stress about what to wear for family photos and how to coordinate our outfits. But since I was doing a dress challenge (wearing the same dress for 100 days straight) and Margot was doing a 30-day version in her blue wool dress, it simplified everything.

Margot and I were wearing a dusky blue and aubergine. Which meant shades of charcoal, blue, and purple for Michael and Henry. Which meant I could raid their existing wardrobes. No over-planning and over-shopping for Rylee & Cru or Alice + Ames sales. Just get everyone smiling.

All the photos are by the amazing Leah Rivera.

Clara dress with belt and white tennis shoes (trust me). And very red balayage.
Clara dress styled as a blouse with acid wash balloon jeans and Swedish clogs? Why not.
They look more devilish than angelic.
Wolfgang crashed the photo.
Jumping for joy in her Ten Littles.
Changed into grey stretchy trousers and Kork-Ease flats. Henry not thrilled about his Simple Folk workman overalls.
Clara dress worn with white platform-ish sneakers and a bag of Pirate’s Booty are the way to go. Notice Margot’s style change. She’s rocking Noralee here.

Secondhand Love

My black boots, black Kork-Ease flats, Lotta From Stockholm clogs, black cardigan, and tan Hugo Boss wool skirt were all secondhand finds. (The Hugo Boss skirt was a major thrift score and it had a Rent the Runway barcode blacked out in it.)

Margot’s leggings were secondhand from Once Upon A Child.

Henry’s blue wool sweater was secondhand on Mercari.

Michael’s blue wool sweater was secondhand from Savers or Unique. 50:50 chance his trousers were too.

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